His Voice

Kathy Pippig Harris

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His voice is that of the most skilled tenor on the planet with a lyrical quality so robust it blooms with just one note.

His love, warm, like the flame in a hearth is at your side when worry envelopes you in its cold embrace.

His touch is the breeze that skips along with you as you walk the beaches of lake and sea; the touch that swirls the tall grasses in the fields by the roadside.

His breath carries the recent past: the trace of perfume worn by the woman who, moments ago, walked the nearby path; the scent of a candle snuffed out wafting from the open window of a dwelling now dark.

His is the voice that sings as it brushes through the limbs and pine needles in the trees above you as you walk through the forest.

His love is the calming presence that sits with you in the waiting room of a hospital.

His is the touch that tickles the water's surface-shattering the moonlight into fractured glints of silver as you sit under a canopy of stars.

His breath brings the balm of rain falling a few miles away; the musty tang of damp leaves on the ground; the scent of newly mown grass; the fragrance of fragile blossoms in new bloom.

His is the voice on the wind that speaks to you of secret places you cannot see.

His love flows around you when the phone rings in the middle of the night.

His touch is in the laughter of children, the tinkle of wind-chimes, the splash of a fountain, the babble of a river, the beat of the tide, and the pulse of a storm.

His is the breath whistling ‘round you in the cooling night's air; full of the flavor of earth, and the memories of the day.

His voice, His love, His touch, and His breath are with you throughout the day and the night: On the wind, in the air, in the voices of the earth. He is with you in the city, in the countryside, in the rush of life's routines, in the quiet moments before you fall asleep. He is in the giggle of a child, the fragrance of a rose, the steadfast look of the dog at your feet.

And if He is in your heart-you are never alone. And you will be with Him long after you have left the earth and your body behind. For He will be in your spirit and His spirit will fill you with His love, His breath, His touch, and His voice.

Copyright Kathy Pippig Harris

Kathy lives in California's San Joaquin Valley with her husband and furry family. She is a weekly columnist for the publication “Frank Talk" and a published author of five novels. She states, “Were it not for her need, desire, and love of writing - she would surely go mad!"


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