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Articles about or concerning Speed-Reading, How to Speed Read, Reading Methods, Improve Reading Comprehension, Speed Learning, Photographic Memory Applications, and Rapid Analytical Reading.
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A Reading Comprehension Lesson Plan Will Help Speed Up Your Understanding of the Curriculum

 Jon Kelly (June 24, 2008)  There are many reading comprehension lesson plans available to download from the Internet. These templates provide all manner of plans and can be duplicated and integrated into a classroom curriculum. When looking for a reading lesson plan, take into account software titles, student assignments, lesson goals, the technology needed, assessment, and the context of what is being taught. .. (Speed Reading)

Benefits of Learning How to Speed Read

 Adam Harley (June 23, 2008)  Speed reading is very useful when you are in an environment where you need to read large research papers, essays, tutorials and books. In such an environment, skipping, skimming or scanning techniques can't be applied. Sometimes you need to read large books and documents thoroughly. This is when speed reading comes into play. It is interesting to realize that you can read 3 times .. (Speed Reading)

Learn the Art of Speed Reading

 Ellen Tayana (June 05, 2008)  You surely would be thrilled by this since it gives you the ability to save your time as well as save your eyes from getting strained because of reading. Better mental knowledge is also given because if you can read a book in half the time then you will have ample of time left to scan the pages of other informational books. By doing this, you can become a better asset in your working .. (Speed Reading)

Speed Reading - How To Speed Read To Success

 Paul Elechi Agwu (May 23, 2008)  How to read fast You acquire skills, which help you to read fast over time as practice reading. The problem is many people fail to see the skills they learn through reading. Reading builds comprehension, vocabulary, and helps a person to define information. With the basic tools in hand, most people merely need to say, “I am going to speed-read today. " Delaying, is only putting .. (Speed Reading)

Problems In Speed Reading

 Adam Harley (May 20, 2008)  Speed readers often face a variety of different problems when learning how to speed read different kinds of texts. Learning to speed read books, texts and journals all need to have different approaches. The reason is this: different styles of writing demand different styles of reading. A specific adjustment should be made no matter what text you're reading. If you succeed in choosing .. (Speed Reading)

Increase Your Reading Speed

 Ozie Lea (May 03, 2008)  Speed reading can help you to read and understand written documents more quickly. You will save your time too from this. This is essential when you have to master large articles or books quickly. What's more, it avoid you from “information overload" since you are more discriminating about the documents. Speed reading is is not magic nor is it an expensive mystery too. Speed .. (Speed Reading)

Analysis of Speed Reading

 Adam Harley (May 01, 2008)  Most people don't know any “fast reading techniques" or strategies for reading efficiency, so they face many problems while reading long texts. People who are not good speed readers remain unable to comprehend the passage and cannot learn very quickly. Many people find they have to read the same passage again and again to understand it properly. Ultimately, slow reading (or even .. (Speed Reading)

Secrets of Speed Reading

 Kenneth E Asselin (April 03, 2008)  Speed reading is not just about reading faster. It is the best way to read, but only if you're reading for informational purposes. It is the act of quickly absorbing written information. While you may see some gains in speed the moment you start using some of the learned techniques, reading faster is a skill that requires a lot of practice. It is an often overlooked approach to reading .. (Speed Reading)

Speed Reading Tips - Got A Big Read or Other High Focus Mental Task To-Do?

 Ed Caldwell (March 19, 2008)  Let's face it - today's workplace finds most workers in a continuous stress cycle. Working in cubicle cities attached to PDAs, cell phones, instant messaging, and so on, there are times when we have to shift our focus and concentrate on high demand reading and thinking activities. But what do you do? How can you change gears and maximize the efficiency of your brain's power? Here are .. (Speed Reading)

Some Basic Thoughts on Increasing Your Reading Speed

 Steve Self (March 01, 2008)  Many problems in reading and learning are due to old habits. Many people are still reading in the way that they were taught in elementary school. Their reading speed will have settled to about 250 w. p. m. Many people can think at rates of 500 w. p. m. or more, so their mind is running at twice the speed of their eyes. A consequence is that it is easy to lapse into boredom, day-dreaming . (Speed Reading)

Speed Reading

 Adam Harley (February 27, 2008)  Speed reading is a crucial skill for anyone serious about their education in any field. Whether you would like to be very well informed on world news, or you're interested in learning a new skill, reading can help you - and therefore speed reading can help you even more. Speed reading is a true upgrade to reading. If you speed read a non-fiction book, it will not only save time, but be . (Speed Reading)

Of The Art Of Reading And Speed Reading

 Mikko Korhonen (February 25, 2008)  The art of communication has three grand divisions. The first involves mastery of the subject. The second involves mastery of its presentation, which is usually in written form. The third involves mastery of its reception, which is listening to a spoken presentation and reading of a written presentation. Our schools and colleges originally devoted themselves chiefly to teaching .. (Speed Reading)

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