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Self Esteem Tips - You Were Born to Be a Diva! Improve Your Self Confidence in 9 Steps

Joyce Lee

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Every strong and self-assured woman exudes confidence from the inside out. Whether she was raised to be self-possessed or had to develop it along the way, her attitude says, “I like me, and I am ready to meet my life head on. "

The thing is. . . You have to be the one to take the lead in this. . . Self esteem development and being confident is an inside job.

Let's look at 9 things you can do today, and tomorrow and tomorrow after that, to affirm that you have value and much to share with the world.

1. Decide that as of today, nothing is more important than feeling good.

  • This is the most important piece. The better you feel, the better it gets. That's how the Law of Attraction works. You must make this decision.

2. Begin your personal self esteem inventory.

  • You need to know what you are dealing with. If you have a lot of old junk cluttering up your inner world, you will need to clean it up. Your inner world is always reflected in your outer world.

3. Clean up your inner world.

  • Sort your inventory into action categories. (let go, keep, cherish, work on, etc. . . . )

4. Make a gratitude list for your daily blessings.

  • The feeling of gratitude is one of the highest vibrations of all. You will feel wonderful when you express your appreciation and count your many blessings.

5. Spend time and effort on the way you present yourself.

  • You know you feel better when buff yourself up a bit. Do the best you can with what you have. You deserve to feel good. . . when you feel good you have a strong positive vibration and will attract more to feel good about.

6. Teach people how to treat you.

  • If you wish to be treated with respect, act in a way that expects it. Make sure you speak highly of yourself, stop making any self-deprecating remarks.

7. Assess your general demeanor. Do you like the way you walk through your life?

  • Give thought to the way you feel about yourself respect at the end of a day. This will give you valuable insight.

8. Put strategies in place to address the areas you want to change.

  • If for instance, you commonly give away your power you need to create specific strategies to modify your behavior.

9. Enlist the positive, forward moving support of at least one person to be accountable to.

  • Everyone needs someone strong enough in her corner to tell the loving truth . Decide that you want honest, helpful feedback and choose someone (friend, life coach) and act upon the reviews.

There you have it. Do what it takes to feel great about you and the world will happily follow suit.

Once you affirm your intent to claim your power and practice self -valuing habits, your self confidence and self esteem will raise automatically. A powerful woman is self-aware and is a work in progress. It can be you. . . it is you. . .

You were born to be a Diva!

Wishing you Peace & Abundance. . .
Joyce Lee
“Your Life Empowerment Coach"

© 2008

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Joyce Lee is an experienced and certified Life Empowerment Coach, Woman's Wellness Guide and Law of Attraction Practitioner, specializes in supporting women seeking a deeper, richer life experience.


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Ways to Improve Self Esteem With Self Esteem Clothing
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