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Activities for Teenage Girls Improving Low Self Esteem

Terry Glass

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There are many articles available that discuss low self esteem in teenage girls, self worth and self confidence. The reason why is because the teenage girl often has feelings of low self worth. Self worth is how the teenager looks upon themselves, how they see themselves and what confidence level they believe they have. This really is self judgmental when a teenage girl looks at her life and then makes a decision of who she feels she is or who she has become.

An example of this is the teenage girl judging her self worth as feeling she is ugly, totally un-attractive, is useless, has no confidence at all and is not that smart. But in reality the teenage girl herself is not really looked upon by others to be of low self worth exhibiting these qualities, it is just what is in the teenagers mind and how they think of themselves.

None of these attributes cannot be addressed and remedied with a few simple techniques. One such technique is activities about building self-worth, improve self-confidence and improving self-esteem for teenage girls.

One simple activity and the most tried and proven activity for a teenage girl is to get there favorite magazine and a large poster size piece of cardboard. With this at hand look through the magazine firstly for words of encouragement, such as, a headline that boldly states “You Can Do It" or “The Real You", “Success" and “You are Beautiful".

Set your headings up on your poster in your own artistic way. Make it look great. Then go through the magazine and cut out the pictures that inspire you, beautiful models, landscapes, cars, clothes, shoes and boys. Place this on your poster and you will soon find you will fill the poster up.

We will call this poster your Inspirational Poster. One you look at each day, read the headlines you have pasted to the poster and they will become your daily affirmations. Look at the pictures and realize that you are just as good looking and beautiful as they are.

To build self-esteem activities for teenage girls that build confidence, low self-esteem and self worth then you need an activity the teenage girl can relate too and inspire too, realizing anything is possible, its just all about the way you look at the quality and values in your life.

Terry Glass has been researching self esteem issues and provides care to sufferers on a daily basis. To reach a farther audience the site of Today Self Esteem discusses many aspects of self-esteem, self worth and self confidence issues relating to a child, girl, teenager, women and provides real strategies including affirmations to build self esteem and confidence. The main website can be found at Teenage girl building low self esteem, self worth and self confidence .

The site is packed with information dealing with all aspects of self esteem providing up to date information and resources. We welcome visitors to our site and hope we have achieved what the site was designed for, a place where low self esteem can be addressed. Website


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