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Self-Esteem Is Something That Is Learned

Andrea Rose Lucas

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Self-esteem. It's one of those terms which has been batted about, used and misused, and often misunderstood during the last couple of decades. For a moment, set aside what you have already heard and what you may think about this term - and learn what a wonderful, important asset self-esteem is to you, and to your life!

Everyone wants to feel good about himself - to hold himself in high regard, and to realize that he has it within himself to reach for and attain his potential. However, if you think about yourself and about all of the people whom you know, you may wonder: how and why do some people have an abundance of this characteristic while others do not?

This is not as mystifying as it may appear! Self-esteem is a trait which is essential for a happy, productive life, and the fortunate ones seem to have more of this “blessing" than others. Notwithstanding, those who have not been so fortunate are completely capable of acquiring self-esteem, and having much more fulfilling lives as a result.

Self-esteem is something which is learned. If there are people in your life who seem to be overflowing with this trait, it is likely that they learned it early in life. Children who are fortunate to be raised in homes where they are frequently praised, and both their accomplishments and their individuality acknowledged on a regular basis, tend to grow up with high levels of self-esteem.

On the other hand, youngsters who are frequently “put down, " rarely noticed unless they do something wrong, usually grow up suffering from low self-esteem. They have simply not learned that they, as people, have value.

Fortunately, even if this is the case with you and you are now somewhere in your adult years with little regard for yourself, this can change. You can learn how to see yourself as a truly worthwhile human being; you can learn how to focus on your strengths in order to reach your highest potential! And once you have begun this process, and have started to see amazing results, you will find that you can have a happier, more fulfilling life than you had ever dreamed!

Gaining a healthy level of self-esteem is neither a mysterious nor a difficult task. It will, of course, take motivation and determination on your part. The results, however, are well worth the effort! Learning how to see yourself in an entirely different way than you have before - how many strengths, positives, and potential you really do have! - is sure to be an enriching experience in itself. There is more, though - for when you begin to acknowledge all of assets which you already possess - that is the first step toward building the life of your dreams!

Andrea R. Lucas is the leading expert in the area of Life-Scripts, the blueprints by which we all live our lives. She is the founder of the DYSALA Method, which identifies the seven steps necessary to change a negative Life-Script to a positive one, and to live the life of happiness and abundance you have always wanted. Andrea is the author of “7 Steps To Personal Fulfillment" and numerous articles on this fascinating subject. and


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