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Confidence - 7 Suggestions to Feel More Confident in Social Situations

Jeanne May

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Many people lack confidence when interacting with others. . . and for some, any form of social situation can be extremely difficult. Social interaction whether it be work-related or personal life can be stressful to the point where the person becomes highly anxious and unable to function the way he or she usually does.

A lack of confidence can make meeting and talking with people extremely difficult. . . not only for the person who lacks confidence but also for the person trying to interact with someone who lacks confidence.

Our level of confidence is influenced by many things including how we feel about our expertise and knowledge, how we feel others perceive us, how comfortable we are with others.

And our confidence is also influenced by how we feel we look to others. . . how we feel we “shape up" in the eyes of others.

There are many things we can easily, inexpensively, and quickly do to give ourselves a confidence boost when meeting or interacting with others.

Here are 7 suggestions to look good. If you look good. . . you feel good. If you feel good about your looks, your confidence gets a much needed boost:

  • be clean and tidy - make sure you are fresh e. g. have a shower or a wash to freshen up. When your skin is clean and fresh you feel so much better. Often it isn't possible to shower just before being with others e. g. meeting after work. But you can go to any public restroom and wash your face and hands, touch up your makeup (if you are a woman), reshuffle your clothing e. g. straighten your tie, your shirt, your skirt
  • looking good doesn't mean having expensive clothing - when you are meeting others, take some time choosing what you will wear. Wear clothes that you feel good in - word of caution: most of us feel so great and comfortable in daggy trackies but that type of clothing does not do you any favors when you lack confidence with others. Choose clothing that makes you feel more confident e. g. slightly dressy but still comfortable
  • make sure you have tidy footwear - having appropriate footwear, again it doesn't have to be designer label or the most expensive, as long as it is reasonably clean, helps you feel more confident. In other words. . . avoid wearing joggers to a cocktail party for your work!
  • make sure your hair is tidy - just before you are meeting others and being put in a potentially stressful situation, comb your hair. If you know you have an important social engagement coming up that day make sure your hair is clean - wash it!
  • have a fresh mouth - remember, when you are with others you will most probably need to talk (cringe) which means people will be within a relatively short distance from your mouth. A major confidence destroyer is the concern that we have something stuck in our teeth or that our breath smells. . . Do yourself a favor - clean your teeth or at least give your mouth a thorough rinse before any social contact!
  • smile! Become aware of your facial expressions. . . and make yourself smile! All too often when we lack confidence, we tend to frown, look serious or vague. . . not good! Stand in front of the mirror and practice smiling. . . and remember if your mouth is clean and fresh you won't have the worry of what's between your teeth!
  • practice confident posture and walking - stand up straight, shoulders back, head held high, and don't slouch! Watch confident peoples posture and walk and copy what they do!

Helping yourself to boost your confidence is essential. . . and there are so many little tricks that will boost your confidence!

Jeanne May of Aspirations Plus , works with spiritually minded people providing them information, inspiration, guidance and support to achieve their dreams and goals.

Could your confidence do with a boost? I invite you to discover more about the difference confidence makes in your life, and learn easy to use techniques to develop Unstoppable Confidence .


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3 Tips to Help You Feel More Confident and Overcome Your Shyness
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