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Guidelines For The Ins And The Outsiders - Exclusive Book Excerpt

Barbara Rose, Ph.D.

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Immediately stop all negative self-talk.

As soon as you find yourself feeling bad, notice what is going through your mind. If your thoughts are self-degrading, immediately stop them and replace them with one statement of truth that is positive about you.

Stop comparing yourself to other people, because each person is unique and no one is supposed to be another person.

Start to speak your honest truth at all times. State it kindly, but remember your real truth must always be spoken no matter what other people think.

Remember that other people's opinions truly have nothing to do with you. They are simply the perceptions others have in their minds.

There is no one on earth you ever have to prove yourself to.

All of the qualities that make you unique are actually going to turn out to be your best assets as you get older. Honor what makes you unique instead of covering up who you really are just to fit in with other people.

Rocking the Boat

Many people in society stand in their truth, against popular opinion, and make vastly positive, urgently needed changes in our world.

You may very well be one of those people. Fitting in is not always so comfortable. I remember how much of my real self I used to stifle when I was a teenager and young adult. I didn't want to show who I really was inside, because I thought fitting in with everyone else would make me feel secure.

Guess what? That never really helped me in my life, and it never made me feel better inside. In fact, I only felt worse. It's like taking a blanket and placing it over a lamp that lights up a room.

Who you are, all of your unique qualities that may or may not be vastly different from your family or your peers are the exact qualities you need to learn to accept as your strengths, as opposed to weaknesses.

Being “different" is not being “dis-likable. " In fact, the more unique you are, and the more inner confidence and courage you have to show your real self, the more you are going to feel your real self, and that is going to make you feel appreciated-by you.

Excerpt © Copyright 2008 by Barbara Rose, Ph. D. Re-printed with permission from the book The Ins and the Outsiders. Published by The Rose Group (May 2008) ISBN: 0974145726. Digital Book Available at Author's Website and Kindle Edition Available on Amazon. Com.

Barbara Rose, Ph. D. is the best selling author of thirteen books including If God Hears Me, I Want an Answer! Stop Being the String Along: A Relationship Guide to Being THE ONE<, and Individual Power.

She is a world leading expert in personal transformation and spiritual awakening, and a pioneering force in incorporating Higher Self Communication, the nondenominational study and integration of humanity's God Nature into modern personal growth and spiritual evolution. Dr. Rose is known for providing life changing answers, quick practical coaching and deep spiritual wisdom to people worldwide as the Founder of International Institute of Higher Self Communication.

Her highly acclaimed work is widely published internationally transforming the lives of millions across the globe. Dr. Rose works in cooperation with some of the greatest spiritual leaders of our time to uplift the consciousness of humanity. Her Websites are:, and Her books are available in many countries through


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