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Ways to Improve Self Esteem With Self Esteem Clothing


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"As an extension of the body, clothing can affect body image perception and functions to strengthen or weaken the body-image boundary. Clothing acts as a “second skin" in establishing the physical boundaries of the self" (Horn, 1968).

As one grows up they are grouped by attributes like how tall they are, what they weigh, race, age etc. Socially, the individual has developed through time their own self-perception and level of self-esteem. For most of us clothing is an important part of our identity and has been found to give us a sense of wellbeing and an added quality of life. It is obvious then that clothing can have a significant impact on our self esteem and our sense of acceptance among others. It seems that the higher self esteem that one has the less clothing seems to matter, probably because they know they are at their best anyway and the clothes they choose to wear will often reflect their mood anyhow. If someone is suffering from low self esteem, promoting body image by choosing the right clothes, in addition to other practices to improve self esteem can have a beneficial effect on their confidence.

Self esteem clothing is important in all walks of life and many different styles suit many different tastes. What is important is that the individual feels good and confident in what they are wearing and with their body shape because one of the main aims with regard to improving ones self esteem is to improve ones confidence. Studies have shown that more confidence is achieved through wearing the right clothes so that you feel good and clothing is a major aspect of personal appearance.

Here are some tips to give you a boost:

- Express yourself through your clothes, the key is to express confidence through what you wear from head to toe that also includes your feet!

- Try and purvey confidence through your self esteem clothing. What is of utmost importance once you have the correct is how you behave and put yourself across to others. Self esteem clothing must help you in developing some kind of inner self worth. The more people notice how balanced, confident and interesting you are, the more they are likely to follow you.

- Try and dress positively, even if you are not in the mood and make sure you are happy in yourself with what you are wearing. You will then attract those of a similar state of mind and with confidence and your mood will be lifted.

- Have knowledge of your body type. Today there are beautiful clothes to suit all body sizes in most sizes and finding the right style to suit you can have a huge impact on your confidence. try not to fit into sizes that are too small just because it is ‘the trend’. If you are unsure, seek advice or search on the internet as it may be that you have been choosing wrong all along. If you are wearing the correct self esteem clothing your body type should always be complimented.

Don't be afraid to experiment. You might not get it right first time but clothes are much cheaper today that they ever were so splash out on something new that you can experiment with. Once you feel confident in what you are wearing the inner you will shine through and you can have fun and confidence, no matter what you wear.

If you want to find other ways of how to build self esteem and confidence then visit and you will be well on the way to improving self esteem.


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Self-Esteem - Overcome Low Self-Esteem with Simple Techniques
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