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Dare to Be Different Learn to Celebrate Your Uniqueness


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Lisa is really creative, Debbie likes to wear funky socks, Mom organizes great picnics, Kayla is really pretty and Tammy is a blast to be around. What are YOU known for??? Do you have a unique fashion sense? Are you a great cook? Or do you always find the best bargains? Well, you are probably known for different things in each of your relationships. But, no matter what you're known for, there is usually someone who wishes they had your talents.

The point is every human is given special skills, talents or gifts to a degree that is unique to each of them. “A spiritual gift is given to each of us so we can help each other. . . He alone decides which gift each person should have. " 1 Corinthians 12: 7-11 NLT. Each of us are like one piece of a puzzle. You may be a small piece of a huge puzzle, but you are just as important as all the others. You have your own special spot in the big finished puzzle that no one else can quite fill except you.

So, don't compare yourself to the other women in your life. Don't try to be the actresses on TV, moms at the school yard, or that lady who can eat anything without ever gaining an ounce. Though I would love to be that last lady. Start celebrating your differences. Start by accepting yourself now - where you are in life today. Not who you want to be. Try to be the best you-you can be!Don't get me wrong, it is perfectly fine to want to improve yourself. Just make progress toward your goals. Be realistic and focus on one thing at a time. Start taking small deliberate steps every day.

In the words of Joyce Meyer,

"Enjoy where you are-on the way to where you're going. " We are all a work in progress, so enjoy the journey! Celebrate being you!

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Chloe Bag-The Irresistible Uniqueness
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