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How to Develop Self Confidence


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Confidence is an important ingredient to success. People will never succeed if they don't believe in what they can do. But not everyone is blessed to have self-confidence. The good news is that anyone can have it if they want to.

It takes a step at a time to develop self-confidence. It took a long time before the best speakers could deliver the best speeches. And even though they are applauded almost all of the time they still fear that something will go wrong. But fear does not stop them to do it anyway. It takes a lot of effort to muster the strength to set fear aside.

If you want to gain more self confidence, here are some tips to help you out:

1. Start with how you see yourself. How one sees himself greatly affects how he presents himself to others. If you see yourself as less important, you will act as one and others will treat you as such. Change this. If it takes a major makeover to make you feel better about who you are then do so. If you want, shop for new suits or grab some hair straighteners to go with the change.

2. Observe how confident people carry themselves and try to incorporate it in yourself. One of the best ways to acquire self-confidence is to see it in action. Choose a person you can look up to and observe the way he carries himself. Observe how he airs his views and how he listens to the points raised by others. Pick some points and try to apply them in your own actions.

3. Find a way to confront your fear. If one of your fears is talking in front of a crowd or airing what you think, work on this. You can start by reading in front of a mirror. You can also talk and imagine that you have a live audience. When you are ready, you can start talking in front of the people close to you like family and friends.

4. Enhance your skills and try to work on your weaknesses. It will also help if you remind yourself of the good qualities you have. If you are good in writing speeches, continue and improve that. If your confidence is challenged by your shortcomings. Work on them. Like curly hairs that need hair straighteners, your liabilities will surely need a lot of work too.

5. Give compliments. Saying something good about others will make you feel good and this will generate good words from others too.

It is not easy to have self-confidence if you grow up shy. But if it is something you want, you can work on it by starting to change the way you look at yourself. You can look up to someone who is confident and learn from them. You can adapt the way he carries himself. You should also learn to confront your fears by working on your shortcomings and by continuing to recognize and improve your strengths. And most importantly, generate positive environment by appreciating the good things other people have shown.

Kristy is a professional hair stylist and writer for My Hair Styling Tools, a leading supplier of Ionic Hair Dryers .


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Self Confidence - 3 Effective Steps Towards Healthy Self-Confidence!
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