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Losing Confidence? 5 Things You Can Immediately Do to Regain It


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Have you ever wanted to feel confident in certain situations when you were not? How about changing a fear to go on stage to feeling enthusiastic about doing it? Well, you can.

So, how do you to get a state of confidence? Imagine that you are going to make a presentation which you have prepared for but as usual you do not feel confident about it. If you think about it, I am sure there has been a time in the past where you felt totally confident about giving a talk, or feeling really confident in doing something you are good at. The difference between those that succeed and those that do not is confidence.

Here are 5 Things you can instantly do to get a confidence boost:

(1) Fake it till you make it; Act as if you are confident and before you realize it your acting it becomes the real confidence you seek.

(2) Focus on the task and not the crowd; by focusing on what needs to be done be it giving a speech or negotiating a deal your confidence come flooding back because you are an expert on what you do.

(3) Visualize yourself carrying out the task; there is power in visualization, see yourself confidently stepping up to the podium or confidently facing a potential prospect and before you know it you are acting out what you visualized.

(4) Smile; a smile can do you a lot of good when you are feeling a bit under, before you realize it people are smiling back and you are back on track.

(5)Re affirm your self belief; Take a deep breath and reaffirm your self belief, self talk can make a great deal of difference.

If you feel that your lack of confidence has been holding you back from doing the things you would just love to be able to do in life, then this is for you.

Did you find those tips on regaining your confidence useful? You can learn a lot more about how to boost your confidence here


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