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How To Boost Your Self Confidence And Look, Act And Feel Stylish


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When you feel stupid, undeserving or depressed - change your language. Saying words and phrases like “ought to", “should", “bad", “depressed", “must", “difficult" tends to disempower and does very little for your self-confidence.

I try to manage my language with positives: ‘I can", “I will", “I find it challenging", “I could" gives me the power to make the decision.

I also find setting “mini goals" or achievable outcomes works well. I make them simple i. e.

  • ringing a cheerful positive friend (not a depressive one!)
  • going to the gym or taking the dog for a brisk walk
  • walking on the treadmill when it is raining
  • going to the movies and seeing new releases
  • finding an inexpensive belt, necklace or scarf to brighten up an old outfit and give it new life
  • helping one person with something - a recipe, a lift somewhere, lesson on a computer, a facial, a massage

Obviously different goals work for different people, but you get the idea.

I find achieving these goals very rewarding. It's my way of giving myself positive encouragement.

You must believe in yourself and your abilities, and when this happens the constant persistence and discipline brings about success.

Self Confidence, or the lack thereof, can be attributed to a reduced quality of life.

Things like

  • Unhappiness with life
  • Constant health problems
  • Stress and anxiety

Self Confidence does not come beautifully gift wrapped. We have to work on it every day.

IIt comes from the belief in yourself and acceptance of yourself and all your “blemishes". Everyone of us unique and special. Remember, we weren't born with a low self esteem. We allowed people or circumstances to make it our program. We can also change it.

Everyday try and do something for someone else. Do not focus on yourself when you meet someone for the first time, move the spotlight onto them and find out about their likes and dislikes.

In summary, BE HAPPY and SMILE.

I love the defining idea from ABRAHAM LINCOLN - “The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time".

If you'd like some expert help with rebuilding your self confidence and having a permanently happy and positive mind-set -

Cheers for now.

Annette Welsford

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Three Simple Ways to Boost Your Confidence
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