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Self Confidence - 3 Effective Steps Towards Healthy Self-Confidence!


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One of the most important factors in living a healthy life is having a healthy self confidence. Many a time we lose our self confidence due to past mishaps, and this article will help you increase your levels of self confidence to what they once were, or what they should be.

A. Overcome your self consciousness. Self consciousness may not seem like a negative attribute, but it can have negative effects if it is in the wrong measure. If you dwell too much on what is going to happen with your life, then you may have a problem with self consciousness, and like everything else, this is destructive when in over dose. You have a problem with self awareness if you feel uncomfortable when too many people are around you, and you try and slip away into the background.

This is an unhealthy attitude which keeps you from making contacts and it isn't good for business or pleasure. You need to face the problem, as you would face an enemy to win in a fight. The enemy here of course is the feeling of discomfort which prevents you from socializing. Face that feeling and ask yourself why it is so. Grow your confidence by trying to initiate conversations, and you will soon see a positive change in your lifestyle and therefore in your social and professional life as well.

B. Feeling good about yourself: If you do not feel good about how you look or how you dress or how you talk, this will lead to a low self esteem. This is an unhealthy attitude and you need to correct everything that you do not like about yourself. For example if you think you do not look to good, try and dress better. If it is something that is beyond your control, there is not much good in worrying about it in any case.

Some people are good at this and others are good at that, but we are all gifted in some sense or the other. So, try and look on what you can do better than others, and give yourself a slap on the back if nobody else does. Speaking to yourself confidently in the mirror can work wonders for your self confidence. Its all about feeling good about yourself.

C. Take criticism with a pinch of salt. There are some people whose only objective seems to be to put other people down, and they often make general comments like you are no good, and you will never be any good. Take this calmly and more importantly do not believe it. Ok, you may have done something wrong once or twice but that does not mean you cannot correct it or that you can never do anything wrong. And remember, people who try and ruin your self confidence generally have a problem with their own self image and that is why they try and magnify it by making you look small.

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Confidence - Dealing With and Creating Self Confidence
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