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Waiting for the Results
As soon as a new movie is released it’s submitted by people to websites where everyone can rate it and so informing the general public if the movie is worth watching. In the transition period between posting the movie and the first person rating it, the movie may be carrying the rating of zero or even no rate at all.

As long as this happens only to movies then its acceptable, but what’s really sad is that lots of people get themselves involved in a similar rating process, only this time they're the ones being rated!!! Want to see how? Check out the following examples:

Rate Me Please

  • Waiting for his/her reply: Some people tend to send a messenger to the person they are in love with in order to tell him/her about their emotions. While waiting for the reply, they aren't just waiting for a yes or no, they're also waiting for a judgement of whether or not they are worthy of a relationship, whether or not they are appealing to other people in general and whether or not they'll be dumped before they even get into the relationship.
  • Waiting for the interviewer's reply: When some people take a job interview, they aren't just waiting to know whether they will get the job or not, they're also waiting for an evaluation of their own personal worth.
  • Waiting for the audience's reaction: Some people tend to feel anxious at the start of a presentation then gradualy calm down as they see the audience's reaction to what they're saying. These people are worried not only about how they'll perform, but about how the audience will percieve this performance!

Tell Me Who I Am
How do those people see themselves during this wait for results? Just like the rating of a movie in the example above, these people consider themselves worthless until their results prove otherwise. This means that if they don't get the excellent grades they want, and if people don't give them a thumbs up for all they do, they just collapse and label themselves as bad or inadequate.

If you do this, you're asking other people to rate you!! You are asking people who know close to nothing about you to tell you who you are!! This is the same as getting a blank piece of paper, then giving it to a total stranger and asking him to write down whether you are a good, interesting and deserving person or not.

Self-confidence Is Nothing More Than Knowing Yourself
The only way to prevent yourself from being in such a situation is to know yourself and this is what self-confidence is all about. Self-confidence can be acquired by evaluating yourself and knowing your strengths and weaknesses before allowing someone else to judge you from his own incomplete knowledge of you.

So go take the job interview, wait for your crush's reply and monitor the audience's opinion, but only to know how you are going to deal with the new situation and not to have other's determine your own worth!

Unless you know who you are, others are going to draw the frame that surrounds your personality and you will end up believing in what they say. This will have you living your life very far away from your true potential.

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