Give Yourself The Gift of Sweet Reverie Before You Sleep


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Last night, I did something special, and afterwards, I slept like a baby.

This was welcomed relief after dealing with a summer cold that had me tossing and turning for the better part of three weeks.

What I did is so simple, so truly basic, that I’m amazed I never did it before:

I focused on a major accomplishment of mine, something that I did recently. To the exclusion of every other thought I dwelled on this magnificent step in the right direction.

Helping me in this endeavor is something I’m sure you’re familiar with: affirmations. I reduced my accomplishment to a simple sentence, and I repeated it, again and again.

Before I knew it, I had drifted into deep, rapturous slumber, and I didn’t awaken until the morning. And do you know what thought I woke up to? Yes, the same accomplishment echoed in my mind, setting the stage for today’s achievements.

I think anybody can do this, resulting in better sleep and just more overall enjoyment of life.

Think about something YOU did, something you can own. If it is a recent victory, great, but if you have to go back into the archives to retrieve one, that’s suitable, too.

Then repeat it, appreciating yourself completely, without reservation.

And see what happens!

Dr. Gary S. Goodman is the best-selling author of 12 books, over 600 articles, and the creator of numerous audio and video training programs, including “The Law of Large Numbers: How To Make Success Inevitable, " published by Nightingale-Conant-a favorite among salespeople and entrepreneurs. For information about booking Gary to speak at your next sales, customer service or business meeting, conference or convention, please address your inquiry to: .


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Why Air Beds May Give You The Best Nights Sleep You've Ever Had
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