What Is Friendship?


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Many people don’t know the meaning of friendship, that is why we always expect a lot from other persons without given something in return. Friendship evolves a lot of feelings and has the power to see the worst thing as something better. This word can only be explain by understanding all the feelings and actions that comes with it.

Friendship is about sharing good times, bad times, smiles and tears. Friendship is made of sharing trust honesty, and love with each other. Friendship is not one sided, it's a shared relationship between caring individuals. Friendship is forgiving, understanding, shared secrets, and heals many hurts. Friendship is shared laughter, taken slow and steady. Sometimes friendship can produce anger, but it never demands perfection.

Friendship is dependable and true; Friendship isn't perfect, much like we aren't perfect. Friendship makes all wrongs in life, right somehow. Friendship helps us through life's bad times. Friendship gives us strength when we are too weak to stand on our own. Friendship is a cherished moment of mutual understanding. Friendship is not forced or induced, instead it's relaxed and comfortable.

Friendship is a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen to us whine, it's shared tears, shared pain, shared joy, it's sharing the love of friendship with other special persons. Friendship only gets better with age. Friendship is understanding what friendship truly is. Friendship is saying you're sorry and meaning it. Bus most important, and please keep this in mind, Friendship is not judgmental.

Writing this entire make me realize how lucky we are for having friends. And once we learn to accept and love somebody for who he/she really is, that’s what friendship is all about. My advice is to never forget about your friends because the are always there for you as you are always there for them.

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A Few Friendship Basics
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