Simple Techniques to End the Worry Mindset


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Jenny is a worrywart. She constantly worries about her kids, her husband, her job, and her finances. She is always in a state of worry and she knows it. She is on a mission to try to stop this mindset.

Jenny tried several methods to stop her worrying, but until recently nothing worked. She met with a woman who teaches those who constantly worry to train themselves to stop. This woman has a method that works well without going on prescription medications.

The process takes time and includes several steps but works well. Here is the method that works for Jenny:

Start noticing your mind-chatter. The first thing you will do is change your mind-chatter into self-talk, meaning you will take control over what you are telling yourself.

The next step is to pay attention to what you are telling yourself so you can use your self-talk to change it. You will automatically notice your worrying as soon as it starts.

Then you shift gears, meaning stop your worrying immediately and shift to a neutral space, and change your self-talk to be the opposite of what you are worrying about. For instance, if you are worrying about not having enough money to pay the bills, shift to something else to get rid of the negative thought and start thinking about your future as if you have as much money as you need.

Ask yourself, “How can I make sure I have enough money to pay these bills?” You can also daydream about it. “What if I had enough money to pay the bills? What would that feel like?” Someone recently told me about this one, “Wouldn’t it be great if…” and you go from there.

Our minds do not know the difference between what we are dreaming about and what’s going on in “reality”. (I put reality in quotes because this has different meanings to different people. ) So, you can use self-talk and visualization to put yourself in a whole new life if you want. When you do that, you start attracting that whole new life. It’s easy and it works.

If you want a life without excessive worry, then use your self-talk and visualization to put you there. What you are doing is changing within to get yourself to make the changes you need or want. When you make those changes on the inside, you are setting yourself up to attract something new and desirable.

After practicing these techniques, any worrying should be either greatly reduced or almost non-existent. Once the practice is put into place, changing your mindset with self-talk becomes almost automatic. This is one of the many benefits of developing good self-talk.

Wendi Moore-Buysse works with businesses who want to market to women. She coaches, teaches, and consults with women who want to develop problem-solving skills and leadership skills using intuition, self-talk, and the belief system. Her books from the Life’s Little Cheat Sheets™ Series, including “Shifting Gears: Get Moving in the Right Direction”, are available through her website and events. “Shifting Gears” includes ways to shift your focus from what you don’t want to what you do want. Visit for more information and to read her Life's Little Cheat Sheets™ blog.


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