Change Isn't Easy, But It's Good!

Robert Prentice

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Even though change is difficult for most of us, making change happen, by shifting attitudes and paradigms, is vital–even good for us all. Change is inevitable–a fact of life, and I find I must often remind myself and others that new information causes change.

Whenever new information from our research and having an open mind occur at the same time, it can cause a shift in our beliefs, attitudes and actions. Some times we are stubborn and resist changing our beliefs about something, and that’s understandable. However, when we allow new information that comes to us from a variety of sources–information that is time-tested and proven–we should at least be open to the possibility of allowing that information to change our thinking and way of doing things.

We all have a habit or a mindset that we know needs changing–an area in which we want to experience true growth. We are tired of the adverse affects this thing has on our relationships, our job performance and other areas of our life. Yet we resist changing, because we think it is too hard to change.

May I encourage you to endeavor, as I do, to allow new information to cause change in your life. I am not talking about making–and breaking–the typical New Year’s Resolutions. No, I am talking about making a total commitment to lasting change. Think of an area in your life where you have been resisting change, and do a little research to find some new information that will cause you to want to change. As you research, think, plan and process the information you discover, apply it to that trouble area of your life, and you will surely, begin to change. I am not saying it will be easy for you, for changing is rarely, if ever, easy, but it is possible. And it is good!

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