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Robert Prentice

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Sticking to it. . . Never, never quit!. . . When the goin’ gets tough the tough get goin’. . . Persistence pays-phrases I have heard my entire life, and so, so much easier said than done. Over the past 19 years as a business owner, I have often reflected back on our early years in business. Those were the days, when the power and light company shut off our lights because I couldn't afford to pay the bill, that we now so fondly refer to as the “dark ages. " I remember back then it was challenging enough just to put groceries on the table. It was during those difficult days, when I felt most like giving up, that I made a decision that I was not going to let the tough times beat me. Somehow, I would succeed.

Growing up, my dad had taught us kids to work hard (and I mean really work hard!) I knew for a fact that I could depend on this attitude of working hard, but it was not going to be enough. I was going to have to work smart, too. What do I mean by working smart? At first, I had my plans and dreams (mostly in my head), but then I learned that in order to work smarter, I needed to put these plans down in writing. As I shared last week in my article Are You Ready?, having a written plan helps us to be ready to make the most of opportunities that come our way. A written plan can also help us to have a Spirit of Tenacity-that quality of holding fast to our dreams, goals and desires, being unwilling to quit or let go or give up, and sticking to it even when all indications seem to say “Quit. "

I read my plans everyday–sometimes several times a day–which gives me the catalyst to achieve my dreams. I can visualize success in my mind's eye. Last week I made in one hour what it use to take me a month, or more, to earn. I believe this is a result of the planning I did in the dark, dark days.

It has been my written plans that have helped me to hang in there, reminding me why I was doing what I was doing, and keeping me from giving in to the temptation to quit in the difficult times.

If we are to succeed, we must press on. We must possess a Spirit of Tenacity. I encourage you to let your dreams take you far, and when the going gets rough and tough, roll up your sleeves and grab a pencil and start planning. This is a powerful tool to help you to be tenacious in life, whatever you set out to do.

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