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Every emotion, wether we classify it as good or bad, has energy. Think about it. Can’t you feel it when you are angry or bouncing off the walls happy? Just as there are levels of energy for these emotions, there are levels of energy for another emotion - wanting.

A great man called Lester Levinson discovered that this wanting energy is a negative force in our lives. He discovered this on a mission to save his own life, when he was diagnosed with cancer and sent home to die. Wanting money. Wanting to be loved. Wanting to be appreciated. All of these wants and more were slowly killing him.

He discovered that this wanting energy equaled a feeling of lack. If you want something you don’t have it. He also discovered that we hold onto energy. When we are happy we try to hold on to this feeling. When we are upset about something we try to push it away and get rid of it.

He found, and Harvard researchers agreed, that when we let go of our emotions, both “good” and “bad” and just let them flow we find the ultimate state of imperturbability. When you reach this state about the object or person that you are stressing out over, you can actually have what you have been wanting instantly.

Researchers at some of the top universities have studied Lester’s technique and found that it really works to lessen stress, improve health and increase our natural ability to attract abundance. And stars like Joan Collins, Laura Dern and Sally Jesse Raphael have learned and use this technique every day.

This technique is easy to do. It is extremely easy to learn and it is provable. As Lester always said, ” Take it for checking. ” Prove it to yourself. Use this powerful technique and channel your prosperity energy today.

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Caterina is the author of How to Write a Childrens Book in 30 Days or Less. She is also a firm believer in Prosperity Consciousness and in our inate ability to draw wealth and happiness into our lives on command.


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