Healthy Thinking: Freeze Negative Thoughts and Let Our Sun Shine!


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We all know negative thoughts can build up pressure, activate unwanted emotions, and stop us from acquiring deserved blessings. Many also recognize that struggling to stay positive often candy-coats reality. People suffer around us. Where is empathy? Once strong we can offer strength. Ultimately, we can align our lives, actualize our potential, and share. This article discusses a mental method to freeze thoughts with Liquid Helium, projected into the sun's core to enlighten life.

Life is perfect for us to learn. Now is the time for us to grow. Each day we can grow a little more. Test this “Helium Freeze" for yourself. Freeze negative thoughts drifting into or amassing strength in the mind.

We all know about helium balloons. Helium exists as a component of our air. Higher percentages occur in natural gas deposits. When helium gas is compressed (like air in air conditioners) it turns into a very cold liquid. In fact, liquid helium almost reaches absolute zero and provides the coldest temperatures we can get on Earth. (Liquid helium boils and becomes a gas at 4.2 Kelvin, -268.9 Centigrade. )

Contain, then bathe negative thoughts, images and feelings in liquid helium. This is the Helium Freeze. Now, you could just continue on with life, or consider another dimension. .

How can we know for sure the best ultimate future for us individually? For example, most of us would agree that more money would make life easier. However, what if acquiring more money leads to more distraction where we avoid learning and accomplishing what is best for us? This is where we let the sun shine and consider the second part of the Helium Freeze. Take frozen thoughts and project them straight into the center of the sun.

The rationale goes like this. The bulk of energy from the sun stems from the fusion of helium 3 to helium 4. [Fusions start with single protons of hydrogen for heavy hydrogen, until helium 3 (2 protons and 1 neutron) fuse to helium 4, releasing energy and 2 protons. ] All energies on Earth, including negative thoughts, can be thought to stem from helium fusions in our sun. Mentally freeze thought with liquid helium. Send this frozen package back into our sun's center. You can even access and freeze past thoughts and images.

The center of the sun can represent energies being generated for our future on Earth. If a thought is meant to strengthen and empower, bonds will connect and direct power from the sun's center. Let power in our sun's center repel and eject negative, disempowering thoughts. Let core solar light help determine your ultimate future and contribute to Earth's ultimate future. Trust that our sun's center and glorious future on Earth can inspire individuals to help generate this future.

If all solar hydrogen and helium fuse into carbon, the compacted mass of our sun would be the size of Earth. Conceive an ideal Earth orbiting in our sun's center. This symbolic physical reality for our future can be instigated in the center of our sun. Earth-sized carbon stars are called white dwarfs by astronomers. These suns fuse 3 helium for a solid carbon core. It is time to go beyond the simple production of helium and symbolically fuse component pairs (helium) on Earth to carbon. Let's realize the reason for our carbon cycle on Earth and why diamonds (carbon) are the hardest, most expensive stones on Earth.

This Helium Freeze projection directs energies to fuse helium to carbon and empower individuals. All energies covered in the helium (as if frozen in the helium from which energies originally stem), need to fuse. (Note, only the surface of our sun is measured. Beyond theoretical assumptions there is no way to prove or disprove carbon atoms generated in our sun's center. ) Our brightest star Sirius can assist connecting us to our Sun's carbon core. Sirius consists of a yellow sun and white dwarf carbon star.

Put negative thoughts in their place. Empower connections to our positive realities. Say you have to choose between a few possible directions. All can be positive, but only unfolding the future can ultimately show which choice is best. Freeze all possibilities and project them into our solar center. The best reality will most effectively contribute to the fusions of helium and help generate our carbon core future. Now, just trust in your projections and allow reality to unfold. Positive thoughts and events in life will inspire and affirm the course to take.

Try the Helium Freeze and organize carbons circulating inside and outside. Much of our body is made of carbon atoms, second to only to oxygen, primarily as water, H2O. We continually contribute exhaled carbon. Plants absorb our carbon dioxide. Try the Helium Freeze for unwanted habits. For example, if you want to quit smoking, freeze the positive energy of successfully giving up an unwanted habit. Project this into the sun's center. Especially Helium Freeze the desires to smoke. Submerge those nicotine molecules in liquid helium. Once projected into the sun's center, addictive energies can be ejected when helium fuse into carbon atoms. Feel these nicotine energies completely ejected from the sun. The more focused your projection, the stronger the carbon core can eject unwanted, unneeded energies. Life is great!

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