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Recently I was sitting on my living room couch reading, when the howling of the wind and the pelting rain caught my attention. It was quite apparent that the wind and rain were doing their best to make their mark on this day. Although weather like this could have brought on a feeling of gloominess, I found myself filled with a great sense of peace, warmth and oneness with everything around me.

I was in awe of the power and perfection of what was taking place outside as I was sheltered by the comfort of my home. In that moment, it occurred to me that there are times when the storm I was observing outside often exists inside all of us. The difference though, is the elements of nature’s storm seemed to work in harmony, compared to the elements of the storm that can live inside of us, creating a sense of turmoil, upheaval and confusion.

As the wind blew ferociously, the trees seemed willing to bend when necessary, allowing the wind to move through easily, doing what it naturally does causing little, if any, real damage. As the trees swayed with the wind, they still maintained their strength, as if to say, “This too shall pass, and with little resistance to the outside circumstances I will feel a sense of ease and calm once again. ”

As the old leaves and branches were being blown off, I imagined the trees and wind agreeing to create this void, knowing it was only temporary with the intention to make room for new growth, so the trees could become stronger and more beautiful over time.

While the rain was drenching the ground I noticed the ground absorbing it easily and effortlessly instead of getting overwhelmed which can cause flooding simply because it can’t take in anymore. On this day, the rain delivered and the ground gratefully soaked up every drop. The rain became a life force that assisted in bringing out the vibrancy of the grass and flowers, which is always there, but can sometimes be hidden when a necessary element is missing for the inner beauty to come forth.

One thing I know for sure, there will always be storms, inside and out. And it’s up to you to decide how you want to manage the energy of the storms that move through you from time to time. You know how easy it is to maintain a state of calm and centeredness when the sun is shining, but it’s during the stormy times, when your greatest opportunity for emotional growth can take place.

Why not make the choice to be less resistant to the storms. Allow yourself to bend in a way that can guide you to opportunities that assist you in soaking up all of the elements you need to find your truth and joy. And when you do, start living your life from that place one day at a time.

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