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Basic and constant warnings received as a child about what came out of our mouth had far more significance than a five year old could imagine. I'm still coming to grips with the vastness of the consequences nearly fifty years later.

We were initially warned about what not to say unless we truly meant it. Lessons in word power now are confirming the strength of the utterance by teaching us to say it if we truly mean it and need it. Powers released through the spoken word now confirm that it works both ways.

A hasty wrong word during a phone call or even an argument has the power to be remembered and build into a friendship dividing split. We always need to battle the consequences of ‘breaking the rules’ before receiving and enjoying His free, available lifestyle benefits.

Numerous verses from Gods Word advise us of the Truth. However it takes research, theses, studies, investigation teams and the like with massive funding and grants to verify the fact.

Negative thoughtless words initiate change in areas of which we can be totally unaware at the time. But the good news is that with a program and a plan the generated power can bring change to the way we feel and the outcome of a day.

Given what we've learnt from verified study about the importance of a our ‘state of mind’ whilst feeding the body the simple and natural process necessary for providing quality digestive processes can't be ignored.

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Whats in a Word? The Power of Your Words
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