A Brand New Day!

Lesley Moore

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Making Each Day, A New Day…

So often (maybe every day!) we begin each day as if merely a continuation of the day before. We hear the alarm, roll over to see the time and then do a silent ugh. What is that ugh?

Let’s just say, for example, that Monday was really bad. One of the worst days you’ve had in a while. What happens then to Tuesday or the rest of the week? Is Tuesday a Do-Over? Or does it become a continuation of where Monday left off?

If you’ve seen the movie, Groundhog Day, then you know what I’m talking about. But if you haven’t, you should know that many of you have been living out that movie for a very long time. In the movie, Bill Murray awakes each morning to his alarm, and finds himself truly “stuck” in the day with no way out. Although seeming unbelievable even with the best acting, the truth is that we can all relate. The difference is that we are not stuck in the day; we just choose to treat the day as if we are certain of what will unfold…before it even does.

The reality, though, is that the only thing certain about this day…is the alarm going off. The rest of the day has potential to be completely unlike any of the days you’ve ever had. The catch is that it can only be different if you treat it differently. Did you ever wonder why things keep happening over and over again? By taking a close look at how you treat your day, you may be surprised to see that even when things have potential to be different, you treat them exactly the same…. and just like that…they are the same.

Well, what if you had the power to let go of the day as if it didn’t occur at all? What if when you heard your alarm, you began to get excited that you have been given a brand new start? One with endless possibilities. One that may be exciting, merely because you don’t know what’s going to happen next.

It is actually possible. It isn’t easy, especially if you’ve mastered holding onto bad moods for days on end, but it is possible. And here is how you can do it:

1- First of all, you have to believe that it’s possible. If you’re skeptical, try saying it aloud confidently, several times. Try saying, “It’s going to be a great day. I can hardly wait!"
2- While still lying in bed, visualize how it would feel to be totally relaxed, yet excited about starting the day. Picture what an exciting day would look and feel like. Let your body really experience it.
3- Choose something great about the upcoming day that you could focus on. If you can’t think of anything, then create it. Maybe you could make time to do something for yourself as a reward for surviving the horrible day from before. Time to read a book, take a bath, get your nails done, a workout at the gym, plan to meet someone for dinner or drinks. Whatever you choose, make it something that you will actually look forward to!

Most importantly, be patient with yourself. Continue to think positively each morning, and eventually it will be relief to hear the alarm and know that you have been granted a Do-Over in a brand new day!

Remember: Your life is a game to be played…so get off the bench…. AND START PLAYING!

Lesley Moore is President and owner of Life Scope, LLC , in Pennington, NJ. She is a practicing Life Coach and a freelance writer. As a Life Coach, she focuses on people who are in transition in their life, or who are looking to jump start the life they already have! For more information about her Coaching, visit her website at: http://www.lifescopecoach.com


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