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Our happiness, sorrow, victory, defeat, riches, poverty, and everything in the world depends on a single word called ‘mind. ’ Mind is the key; when you turn it to the left called ‘world’ or samsara, it locks you. When you turn it to the right called ‘God’, it releases you from the world and grants liberation. Yes, mind is that powerful.

Mind is very fickle and this is the reason why it has been compared to a monkey which cannot stay still even for a moment. Mind is wavy like the air. Though it seems to be in control, suddenly it sojourns to another direction. So the best way to keep the mind under control is to divert it towards something else. Mind acts according to its whims and fancies. You might be unable to control your thoughts but you are capable of controlling your deeds. If you cannot stop bad thoughts, at least keep away from doing evil. The best way to keep away from bad thoughts is to meditate on something worthy or on the form or name of God.

Your joy or sorrow depends on your mind. Your love or hatred on any being also depends on your mind. If your little self is filled with happiness that day, the world seems to be good to you. If the same self is equipped with sorrow or hatred, the whole world seems to be one of sorrow and you tend to hate everyone you come across. At that moment, be cautious of your dangerous mind and control it in order not to cause any disaster. Try to be cool and pleasant in the morning which will make your whole day pleasant. Let your negativity be immersed in love- selfless love for the world. Then everything seems to be perfect in your living world. As I said, it all depends on your mind. Just change your attitude.

If you want to achieve something which you feel is impossible, then meditate on that good thought for few minutes. Imagine achieving it and determine to achieve success. Once you set your mind in such a manner, you will succeed. Some times, your mind tends to be upset the moment it hasn’t experienced the results it aspired. At such times, think and realize thus - What is yours will be with you; What is others’ will be with them. If you haven’t received something it only means it is not meant for you but for some one else.

Talk to your mind and tame it. Observe the behaviour of your mind in times of happiness and sorrow and then act and react accordingly. As it is well said, mind is like the sand in your palm. The more you try to control or catch hold of it, the more it slips off. So do not force it to follow something. Instead, tame your mind and divert it towards something else that is good so that gradually meditating on something noble becomes a habit to you as well as your mind. Then you will no longer need to tame or divert it. It is then you will realize the power of the mind. It is awesome and inexplicable.

“Tame your mind so that it doesn’t wander like the wavy air but remains steady and still like the water in the deep ocean. ” - Sharmila Sanka

About the Author

With pride that I have been blessed with a human form, I always craved to grab any opportunity in order to utilize this human birth to the fullest and at last I found the answer to my craving mind and it was no other than ‘Spirituality. ’

My little heart panged for the desire to quench my thirst of ‘releasing the heaviness’ which resided inside of it since years. It hungered after the soul within asking to reveal more of life – Materialistic and Spiritual in the form of Articles and Quotations which had the sole purpose of sharing it with other human beings not for name or fame but to tame this little mind towards the higher goal of ‘Global Peace’ on this earth plane.

Sharmila Sanka
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