Begin the New Year Afresh: Write a Gratitude List

Maria Moratto

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A Gratitude list is a list in which you write your appreciation to all the positive and not so positive things which happened to you during this year that is now ending. It also shows the reasons you are grateful for them.

Now, writing this list may be a little tricky, for as we find it easy to appreciate the positive in our lives, the contrary is very true: we find it difficult to do the same for the things that didn’t go well during the year. Nevertheless, it is important to make a list for both of them, including the reason why you appreciate them.

I suggest you use two different pieces of paper and write each on a separate one. The reason for this is that, while you will put safely away your positive appreciation, you will burn your negative list. Let me explain:

1. Divide the two sheets in half, making a line across the page.

2. Titled them “I am grateful for the positive aspects of my life during 2005” and ““I am grateful for the negative aspects of my life during 2005”

3. On the first half write: “positive aspects” or “negative aspects” depending on the list.

4. On the second half, write “Reasons” – that is the “Why” you appreciate what happened to you.

For example:

a. I appreciate my boss for accepting my project as was and recommending that I wrote another draft as soon as possible;

b. His support made me see that I can count on people, in small or big matters.


a. I appreciate my woodstove’s chimney catching fire during the winter, resulting in my house losing a great amount of heat and leaving us freezing for 3 days;

b. I have learned that I am not supposed to fill my woodstove with wood and leave it at maximum heat. I also learned that it is good to have a backup, such as the gas company.

Got the picture?

5. After you write all your gratitude for everything that happened to you, positive or negative, separate them.

6. On the positive list, write at the bottom of the page: “I thank you, God (or Spirit, or Universe) for these great things. Give me more of them. ” And put the list away.

7. On the negative list write at the bottom of the page: “I thank you, God (or Spirit, or Universe) for these things as they were good learning experiences. I now let go of them with gratitude. ” And burn the list.

Now, feel the freedom that this technique gives you and be grateful for that too.

Happy New Year!

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