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Best Way to Start Your Day

Z Bennett

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Reality, Fantasy and Nightmare is your life a dream. Are you happy? Are you Sad? Are you tired? Are you Mad? Are you ready?

A few days ago, I was talking with a couple of younger people. The conversation like most started out about one thing and then went to another. It was a little of the usual friendly office talk amount people that work together however do not really know one another. Anyway, at the end of the conversation I said to the all just before I left. Reality is a fantasy that you believe is real.

Little did I notice as I was leaving that my comment had silenced everyone that had heard me. I left and went to do the things that I do. The next day when I returned to the office one of the women asked if she could talk with me. So at about lunch, time that she came to my office and stood in the doorway. She had a question that question was what did you mean? By the comment, my reality is a fantasy that I believe is real. In short I told her that everything that you see is your interpretation of what you want and don't want believe and do not believe. She still did not understand. So I told her that everyone is different. If you have a prefect twin you would still be different. I told her that the way each of you sees the world is different. Even those you have the same parents and grow up in the same house at the same time. Now does that mean the one of you is seeing a different thing no. However, both are you are perceiving, the same things differently. Basically our perceptions are our individual realities. I could see that she was still a little lost so I said to her okay let use money as an example. If you make 5 million dollars, would you consider yourself rich? She said YES. I said see that is your reality. If I asked that same question to a person that was use to having access to $1 billion dollars, they would see you $5 million as being broke. Back to your twin she looks at your Mr. Right, sees Mr. Wrong. Who is right her or you?

My point is what we see is up to us. So we need to be more positive. We need to be more like that person that we really want to be and not the shadows that we are. Living our dream (s) is very possible. We just have to believe and go for it. In my school I have a small sign about my desk, it has only three words on it. They are Be, Do and Have. With a strong belief, those are very powerful words. Be - The person that you can be. Do - The things that you need to do and want to do. Have in the end you will have all if not most of the thing that you want and deserve.

So if you want to be happy be Happy. No I am not saying be fake be real and be happy. If you want to have a great relationship have a great relationship just do it. If you want to lose weight start do healthy things that will assist you in that goal. Life is not a dress rehearsal this is it. Stop faking it at life your time is short. You only have the time that you have do not take your dreams to the grave with you share them with those who can and will benefit from the fantastic person that you are inside. Is it easy no but it harder to be anything else. If you do not believe me, ask yourself this question, are you happy, rich etc? No, I am not just talking about money. This is about life and balance. Are you living your dream right now? If the answer is no is it hard? How great would it be to real and happy. Do not waste any more time today is your future. Do not, do not waste it.

Enjoy your life and thank you for your time.

By Zurriane Bennett

San Yama Bushi & Combination GoJu
School of Self Defense


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Start Right - Start Small When Starting A Home Business
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