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Change Your Circumstances By Changing Your Thoughts


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The world and everything in it is the result of thought.   Therefore almost any circumstance can be changed simply by changing your thoughts.   When we change our thoughts our subconscious mind puts into action the ideas necessary to bring thought into reality. Creative thought is the ability to take what appears to be nothing and create what we imagine. Now I do not want you to get the impression that if you just imagine something long enough that it will appear out on thin air.   That would be nice but it just does not work that way.   Creative thinking mixed with belief, definite goals and persistence is the only way to transform thought into it's equivalent reality. Thoughts need to be combined with action in order to get results. These thoughts are then attached to your goals which provide the motivation needed to succeed. Make transforming you thought into reality a daily goal and in no time you will see the results blossom before your eyes.

One common problem that most of us have is focusing on all the negative things in life rather than the positive.   Whatever you want most in life spent time focusing on these things and many opportunities that you never noticed before will suddenly start to appear. Your subconscious mind can only react to what you focus your thoughts on. So focus on what you want in life.

What we experience in life is almost always related to our past and present way of thinking.   Have you ever known someone who always seem to have the worst luck.   Every time you see them they are constantly talking about all the bad things that they are experiencing.   As long as there thoughts are filled with tragedy, life has no other choice but to deliver the things that they think about the most. The truth of the matter is this. What they have is not bad luck just bad thoughts.   Change your thoughts, change your life.

Think about this for a moment. Think about the important people in your life. Think about the love you share with family and friends.   Think how wonderful it is to be alive. Today you live in the most advance technological era in history.   Every thing you every dreamed of is at your disposal.   How magnificent it is to be alive and enjoy all the opportunities that the world has to offer.   Change your thoughts, change your life.

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Bennie is a young entrepreneur from Atlanta. He operates part time from his home operating several web business. Visit his website to learn more.


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Three Thoughts About CHANGE and Your Goal
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