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The Dangers of Temptation and Peer-Pressure!


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I think the words, “temptation" and “peer-pressure, " can be two of the most dangerous and evil words in the English language, and like it or not, all of us are going to have to deal with them for the rest of our lives, etc. And, it's going to take the person, who has the discipline and the will-power, to stay on track, to avoid additional problems in their lives.

Temptation: (definition); the desire to have or do something that you know you should avoid; “he felt temptation as his will-power weakened. "

"It's not the greatest temptations that ruin us. . . it's all the little ones. " John DeForest.

And for me, all the little ones consist of the following. . .

Quitting smoking: I have zero tolerance for smoking and smokers! I quit smoking in 1970, while I was in the Air Force, and in 2008, I have not touched a cigarette in 38 years, and don't plan to. I have not touched any other tobacco products such as cigars; pipes or chewing tobacco as well.

For those of you who want to quit smoking, I can tell you from experience, that quitting smoking is the easy part. Next, comes the mess you've created. . .inside your body by smoking, etc. All the sludge; the pollution; the tar and no telling what else you put into your body probably for years. . . all that has to be cleansed! Because your body is now so weakened by smoking, you are now vulnerable to disease; bacteria; and viruses, etc. All this is going to take time. . . probably years.

Next. . .comes the temptation factor, to go back to smoking again, after you struggled to quit in the first place! Millions of people across the United States fail here, as they go back to smoking months or years later! They didn't have the discipline or will-power it took to quit for good, which is a shame!

"No one is as poor as the ignorant person. " Hebrew proverb

Weight loss: I lost 40 pounds in 2001, and in 2008, I have not gained the weight back. The hardest thing for me, was the patience I needed to succeed. I had to be patient. . . to lose the weight slowly. . . as to not gain it back again, and it took me about a year to do the job. In the year 2008. . . many people don't have patience. They want to throw down a bottle of snake-oil at bedtime, and expect to be 40 pounds lighter when they wake up in the morning! We're talking about the dreamers of the world!

Having a little experience in this area as well. . . losing weight was the easy part. . . after all. . . it took me about a year to do the job. Next, comes the temptation factor, which is a life-long ordeal, in which I have to deal with. I have a sweet-tooth like my mother, and that makes it doubly worse! There isn't a week that goes by, that I would like to back up a truck, and empty the shelves at the donut store down the street. . . but I can't! (sob-sob!)

If I want to stay at 170 pounds, I'll have to have the discipline and will-power it's going to take to fight off temptation for the rest of my life. I'll have to fight off temptation, not to gain the weight back. . . just like I had to fight temptation not to start smoking again, etc. This is a life-long adventure. . . or miss-adventure as the case may be.

will-power; (definition); control of one's impulses; self-control

Pre-diabetes: In 2008, I have been battling with elevated sugar (glucose) for about three years now, and two doctors have told me that I have something called pre-diabetes. This will be another challenge for me, and it's going to take discipline, will-power and life-style changes to win this one. As I said earlier, I have a sweet-tooth like my mother, so winning this one will be tough! In the area of sweet things. . . temptation is everywhere. . . at the grocery store; the donut shop; the drug store, etc. And, I also have to deal with the foods, that the body turns naturally into sugar for the body, etc.

Diabetes is a horrible disease, and it is the #3 killer behind heart disease and cancer! One of my aunts died from diabetes, but before she died, she went blind and one of her legs was amputated! The same thing happened to a neighbor of my parents. . . and both were in their early 50's.

After I saw the dietician at the VA Medical Center in August, 2007, things changed for me. I used to have candy, ice cream and sweet things around me all the time. . . but no more! All of that is out the window! Life-style changes were in order here.

I did some research on diabetes (type 2), and I learned that 65% of the people who have pre-diabetes, go on and get full-blown diabetes! I'm determined not to be one of them. My doctor issued me a meter, to check my blood sugar every day. I have no intention of using it, because I am determined NOT to get full-blown diabetes! It took discipline and will-power to lose the weight and to quit smoking. . . and it's going to take the same to do battle against diabetes.

Diabetes is so serious, that I was not happy about only one opinion at the VA. Because I am eligible for Medicare, I joined a health plan at a local hospital, to get a second opinion. The bad news, was that the second doctor agreed with the first doctor about the pre-diabetes. But, the good news was that there was improvement since my last blood test. Things have leveled off and one number has even gone down. . . so that's an improvement! At this time, I'm taking no medication, and I have another blood test scheduled for mid-December, 2008. I hope to see more improvement. But, when it comes to sweet thngs, temptation will be my number one enemy and my constant companion!

peer-pressure; (definition); a term describing the pressure exerted by a peer group, in encouraging a person to change their attitude; behavior; morals to conform;

Peer-pressure is not just for teen-agers. The ugly face of peer-pressure, will follow us all to the grave, by those who want us to change direction in our lives for the negative! So, find the discipline and the will-power you will need, to stay on track in your life and in a positive way.

Criminal activity: How are eight (8) educated people, tempted to get involved in criminal activity? I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA), and I've been following this case for the last two years. It's unbelievable to me, how some people, who make a good living, can ruin their lives, and it all starts with temptation.

"Opportunity may knock only once. . . but temptation leans on the doorbell. " Author unknown

It all started several years ago, with the construction of the new county courthouse building. Eight people had their hands in the cookie jar, to bilk the taxpayers of 4.2 million dollars! As of the middle of October, 2008. . .7 of the 8 people pleaded guilty. . . which include an ex-Mayor of Albuquerque; an attorney; an engineer; an architect, a courthouse administrator, etc. All await sentencing be the judge in the case later in 2008.

Aside from greed. . . what could possibly motivate or tempt somebody to do something like this. . . right under the noses of the court system; the Legislature and the taxpayer's. What? The attorney is Hispanic, and grew up in the poor side of town; went to college and got an education and practiced law for over 35 years and was respected in the community. He was also a Senator in the N. M. Legislature and a president of a small university. But, things changed for him rather quickly. . .

Now, he stood in front of a federal judge. . . not as an attorney. . . but as a small nickel/dime thief. . . a crook and a felon. . . who tried to cheat the taxpayers! He betrayed the trust, not only to his family. . . but to the taxpayers as well.

Would you give up your freedom for many years; your reputation; your trustworthiness; your honor; your respect; your kids; your grand-kids; and your dignity for a measly $600,000? It is true what they say about money. . . "it's the root of all evil. " And, crime almost always starts with temptation!

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