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Love Your Desires


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Have you ever thought about what your desires mean to you? How do you feel about them? Are you happy and excited when new ones arrive or are you trying to block them because they make you feel miserable? Do you believe that you are entitled to have anything you want or are you trying to justify every desire that you have?

If you are like most people, than you have probably too often heard in your life that you can't have what you want just because you want it. And although nobody ever explained why you can't, you accepted it as reality. But the truth is that all your desires already have the power to manifest. Whenever a new desire arises within you, it means that all the circumstances and all your previous choices have aligned in such a way that this desire can be perfectly manifested in your life.

All of your desires already have such a power in themselves to manifest that they don't need much of your action. The only thing that they lack is your trust in them. A little less worrying and negative emotion towards your longstanding desire can make it come true almost immediately. Let me give you an interesting example that has recently happened to me. For a few months I had been hopelessly looking for an animated cartoon that I had seen when I was child. I really loved this cartoon because it had some outstanding characters and very beautiful songs. However, none of my attempts gave any results. I felt very confused and frustrated when I thought about all this. Anyway, time passed, I stopped thinking about this cartoon and just went on with my everyday routine. And that's when the Universe responded! As soon as I stopped worrying that I don't have this cartoon that I want so much, it came to me in three different ways (one was a gift from a friend and the other two I found “by accident"). I am sure you can recall several similar occasions in your life.

Another reason why our desires may not manifest for a long time is because we think that not all of them are appropriate, that is we shouldn't really want certain things and feel guilty about some of our desires. For example, a lot of people were taught to believe that it is “unspiritual" to want material things, especially ones that we classify as luxurious. If you have ever heard someone say to you “All you ever think about is money!", then you know what I mean. But what is really wrong with us wanting all these things? Absolutely nothing. There are no unspiritual desires, because everything that surrounds us is spiritual. Just think about this for a moment: how can you possibly combine two beliefs - that God is omnipresent and penetrates every atom in the Universe, that everything has come from God and everything is God (as all those “spiritual" people teach) and that what you desire is not right, that it is not what God (or however you call this Universal Power) wants for you? You can't, because these beliefs are inconsistent with each other, the former automatically excludes the latter.

I hope you already know and understand all this, but even if you don't, your subconscious will soon hint you that it is the right thing to believe in :). What we are going to do now is perform a little practical exercise to become friendlier with our desires. So, relax, put away everything that can distract you in the next 15-20 minutes, make yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea and sit comfortably in front of your computer or with a notebook and a pencil (whichever you prefer).

Now I want you to write down everything that you wish to have and experience in your life, starting from the most burning desires that you have had for a long time (like finding your soul mate or starting your own business) to small things that maybe only once occurred to you (this can be anything, from getting a puppy to becoming a supermodel). Now write down everything that you remember wanting and not getting (your childhood dreams, your teenage aspirations, etc. ). You don't have to follow this order, I'm just giving it as a guideline, write whatever comes to your mind. If you need more than 20 minutes, just make yourself another cup of coffee and continue working on your list. When you finish you should feel either overwhelmed and drained, as if you have been working intellectually for many hours, or fulfilled, as if you have finished an important task. Remember that what you are writing in this exercise are not your goals, don't think whether they are real or how you can achieve them, just write about what you want to have, be or experience. Write until you list every single one of your desires that you can think of.

Now it's time to sum up what you have written. Think about what you felt when you were writing down your dreams. Is it a very long list? Did you feel guilty when you were writing it? Did you think that you were greedy, that you shouldn't want so many things, that no one person should have all this? It's quite normal if you did, because this is what we all were taught to think. How did you feel when you finished the exercise? If you felt overwhelmed and drained, it means that you have a lot of resistance towards your desires; you don't believe that you can have them. It is also very likely that most of those desires that you wrote are not really what you want. Maybe someone else wants you to do that and you just want that person to feel good about you? I recommend that you carefully read through the list that you wrote and identify which of those desires are yours. You will know it by the way you feel and because now you are doing it intentionally.

And, last but not least, if after finishing this exercise you felt fulfilled and satisfied, it means that you are doing a great job and have no resistance to your desires. Enjoy your life and everything you want will come to you, often in very unexpected but pleasant ways :). Leave the space for the Universe to bring you even more than you ask for! Maybe while doing this exercise you remembered some long forgotten dreams that you nurtured many years ago. Well, I wish you to fulfill them and all of those which are still to come.

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