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Take Back Your Energy and Thrive!


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Have you ever felt that someone or something seemed to strip you of your power? Has it ever felt
as if someone or someplace just made you feel as if your energy were being sapped?

Well, this is surprisingly common and it is important to realize because it can make such a huge impact on your life and success.

So learn how you can free up this energy that was yours all along. It is prime time to take back your energy and thrive!

Before I go into details I want to start by asking you a few questions that you can consider while reading the rest of this article. What are your feelings about fire? Do you enjoy water? What elements in nature do you find the most peaceful or restful or enjoyable?

Good, now we can get started while you wonder what the questions are about.

In this article I want to share some simple and effective ways to take back your lost energy. What I mean by energy is time and effort that you put into some relationship where you felt you did not get what you wanted in return. Much of this comes from Native American tradition and shamanic rituals that I use with hypnosis to help people.

I am posting this article because of something a friend of mine said the other day while we were having coffee in nyc.

Despite being wildly successful, he still complained about some minimum wage job he had while in high school! Can you imagine that a man in his forties who is wildly successful is still holding some bad feelings and grudges of his past? Well it is far more common than you may want to realize. Maybe you can think of some of your own past grudges or experiences where you felt you left a piece of yourself behind?

Anyway, I joked with him that if he were to free up that lost energy he would be even more successful. He took me up on the offer for help and so I coached him through some simple yet effective ways to do this.

He was ready to change because he is incredibly motivated and driven and saw my offer for help as what it was.

Some people may want things yet are just not ready to make the changes yet or lack the drive or the desire to really go for it.

So my friend answered a few questions from me and then I coached him through some deep prime hypnosis that really surprised him with how great he could feel while relaxed. He is one of those people who tends to always be very active and thinking of the next steps or goals.

Anyway, after helping him I realized how much this same type of technique could help others and decided to share it with you. It will eventually be part of a recording that I will release that will go into more depth yet these tips will be more than enough to help you to take back your energy and really thrive.

There is an important phrase that some 12 step programs use and which I find very helpful for myself and my clients.

"Be aware of people, places and things. "

It is very good to notice how you feel around certain people, places and things and how it can make you feel better, worse, stronger or weaker or just strange.

I want you to get a roll or toilet paper, a pen or marker, a book to lean on and give yourself a good half hour or so to write down every person, place and thing that seems to still own a piece of your energy. Then get yourself a lighter or a candle and go into your bathroom with the toilet lid open.

An example of how your energy can be trapped somewhere in time is my friend above who still harbors resentments and anger over the treatment he received while working at “company anonymous" while in high school. That was quite a few years ago and yet when he sees a commercial for this company or rents videos from them he gets annoyed.

We then had him go to his most recent relationship which ended badly and
he felt as if he invested more than he got in return. We went backwards and forwards in time through his history with business and relationships and friendships.

He listed them on a roll of toilet paper. The names, places and events that made him feel that his energy was stolen or that he gave his energy away for too little in return. He felt underpaid, under appreciated and taken for granted in many of these situations.

After quite a long list he took a lighter and carefully lit one piece at a time while saying out loud :

"I take back my energy, I wish you well and I move on to better people, places and things. "

"I take back my energy and thrive!"

This way he took back his energy while transforming the bitterness and resentments of the past.

He is in his forties so he went through an entire roll of toilet paper and it took him a good hour to finish lighting each bunch of papers up. We had him tear off each sheet and then light it up and
toss it into the open toilet so that the water put out the flames.

Eventually, he flushed the whole mess of half burned toilet paper and he felt fantastic. He is still
brimming with extra energy and is finally understanding what I do for a living and how hypnosis and shamanic rituals and NLP and EFT can help people to be happier and more successful.

And you can learn to do this too, so take back your energy and thrive!

Michael Twomey is a Success Coach and Professional Hypnotist in NYC. He has helped many people to change their habits, beliefs and improve their lives. Through his live sessions or through his recordings and e-books and articles people find the help they want and need. He lives and works in New York City.


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