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Positive Beats Negative - Every Time

James Hosmer

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Have you ever been around someone who is always complaining? Complaining that they are broke, that they are sick, that they never catch a break. When the aren't complaining they are most likely bad mouthing someone else. Basically everything that comes out of their mouths is negative. Do you know one of these people? (Saturday Night Live calls this person “Debbie Downer"!)

We can very easily be pulled in, sucked in like a magnet to the negative energy of someone like this. Before we know it, we are right next to them echoing their statements and coming up with a few bashing comments of our own about the world, our neighbor or anything else we can think of to complain about.

Be careful. You see, you reap what you sow. Our thoughts, words and actions put forth an energy into the world, out into the universe sending a message. A message of how we will experience ourselves and our world. It is like an echo of our thoughts, our mindset, our inner feelings about ourselves. This energy can literally shape the world around us. So what do you think the universe is going to spit right back at us when all we do is constantly badmouth others, talk about negativity and take the position that everything sucks? You guessed it, it will give that same attitude, that same present right back to you. It's like, you asked for it, you got it!

So, when you see one of these people coming, run!! Well, maybe not run. Actually, you can help them. Respond to one of their negative comments with a positive one. If they badmouth someone, think of something good to say about them. Don't get pulled in to their hellhole that they are dragging you into. You want to pull them out of it, into your world of happiness. And if your world isn't happiness, then maybe you should start thinking and speaking and acting like it is happiness. Then it will be exactly that. The world will respond to you and give it right back!

The thing is that Negativity and Positivity are both contagious, but, like opposite sides of a magnet, they repel one another. Keep the conversation upbeat an fun, and the other person has 2 choices: They will either join in on the fun, or they will leave the conversation altogether. Here is an example: Let's say, since we are network marketers here, that you are speaking to someone on the phone about your business opportunity. Let's call this person “John". So you are explaining how your opportunity can really help John get out of debt, gain financial and time freedom, and help others do the same. Well, John responds by listing all of his gripes about network marketing, then proceeds to say that he has no time for anything, he is always sick, and to top it all off, the economy is in the dumps and he is miserable.

Well, instead of addressing all of those negative points with John, instead you turn everything around and say something like, “John, I can appreciate what you are going through, but what if your scenario was this: you were out of debt, you had a growing downline who are building your business for you, your health is the best it has been in years, and you are happy. This is what you can look forward to by joining me in my opportunity, John".

This can be very powerful. Do not ever let someone draw you into their negative space. We have an opportunity, actually an obligation to our fellow man, to help him or her rise above their mindset of lack. Turn the tables on them and help them see the light.

So in our network marketing world, let us not forget that one of the greatest things about our business is that we can really help someone to change their life for the better. We can help them dig themselves out from the rubble of negative thoughts, actions and words and surround them with, yes, you guessed it. . . POSITIVITY! Give them that energy that will propel them to the next level. Give them your inspiring words, stories and insight. Help them to realize that they have the power within themselves to create the happiness they are after, the financial freedom that they want.

Remember, positivity always wins.

To your success,

James Hosmer

Jamie Hosmer is a network marketer living in Las Vegas. James is also a strong proponent of health and wellness and seeks to educate others on how to be successful in ones life and business.


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Positive Self-Esteem and Negative Thoughts
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