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Top 10 Ways To Make A Positive Impression

Annalaura Brown

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Who doesn't want to make a positive impression? Chances are that if you are in any kind of business or even as an employee or in many social situations you want and need to make a positive and lasting impression.

How exactly though do you go about creating this positive impression? Here are some top 10 ways you can make a positive impression.

1. Set a goal to make a positive impression. By setting a goal for creating a positive impression your conscience will help you make it a reality. You will also be more of aware of your actions and what you are doing that is either making a positive impression or otherwise. Write down on index cards I am making a positive impression in the lives of those I meet. Say this statement out loud everyday until you actually believe and it until you see evidences that it is true.

2. Say Thank You. This simple act of politeness can go a long way towards your efforts to make a positive and lasting impression. Too often we fail to say thank you often enough. Concentrate on saying Thank You for even small things as well as the big things.

3. Send real cards. In today's technology era, the art of a hand written note has been all too frequently forgotten. Email is much more popular and although email is fine for many things, there are times when a written physical card is much appreciated and will make you more noticed and stand out among the competition.

4. Remember the birthdays and special occasions of others. Take the time to say Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary to those who you are close to and to those with whom you do business. This will make them feel good and since most of your competitors will not do it you will stand out.

5. Do what you say you will when you say you will do it. Be a leader and keep your promises. Find unique ways of following up with your customers or clients and with your potential new sources of business.

6. Have a positive attitude all the time. Although easier said than done, you must take actions to ensure that you obtain and keep a positive attitude. If you have a positive attitude then it will show on the outside and in your actions and you will make a positive impression in a much easier fashion. Read positive material and hang out with others who focus on the positive.

7. Be genuinely interested in the goals, and projects of others. Take the time to truly listen to what others share with you and become invested in helping them get where they want to go.

8. Practice making a positive impression. When you first begin working on this you will not make the best impression possible every time and with everybody but practice makes perfect and with time you will increase your positive impressions.

9. Be grateful. Show your gratitude towards others and seek out ways to increase your gratitude. Keep a journal in which you write down on a regular basis your blessings as well as ways in which you are making a positive impression.

10. Be always on the look out for ways in which you can make a positive impression. Think of creative ideas and implement them.

AnnaLaura Brown is a successful home business owner who enjoys helping others to achieve their goals and to make a positive impression. Learn more about her and her business and grab some free resources and a newsletter at


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