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Do You Really Know What They Are Thinking


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We all know that sometimes what is going on in our head can affect our moods. What we often fail to recognise, or at least not on a conscious level, is that the same applies to everyone else.

Have you ever experienced someone being a little “off" with you - and you can not work out why. It may just be that their thoughts are defining their own behaviour. For example they are cross about some unrelated issue which without realising it is affecting their behaviour. Or of course you may well have done something to up set them, and they are demonstrating this by being a little “off".

As we are not privy to their thoughts it's not surprising that we are unable to understand. When this happens it then affects our thoughts and probably our own behaviour. So we end up thinking negatively which transmits into negative behaviour.

It is easy to see how this has a sort of domino effect, and then guess what everyone who comes into contact with this behaviour starts to feel fed up and negative. It is like a highly infectious disease which may have just been prompted by something really insignificant. This can easily happen in the workplace or families when we are under pressure.

So what can we do to break the negative mood chains that sometimes seem to end up dominating our day? Well here is a strategy that is quite fun to do and can work very successfully.

Next time someone is acting a little coolly towards you and you have no idea why, just be extra especially nice to that person and act as if you have not noticed. This is a double whammy.

Firstly if they are feeling down due to some other issues which are going on in their lives you will be showing you care about them. And secondly if their negativity is consciously directed at you, there will be nothing more irritating than you being nice. Annoyingly for them, you are not reinforcing their thoughts about you, and they are not gaining the reaction they perhaps are hoping for.

Of course it can also be said that positive thoughts transmit into positive behaviour and have can create an uplifting atmosphere. Smiles are catching. Being aware of our own thoughts and how they can affect our behaviour has got to be a really good way of being much happier and more content whatever is going on in our lives.

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