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Your Visualizations Shape Your Life


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Visualizations are something we all use, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. Each of us has been endowed with an infinite imagination. But that imagination flourishes at its peak in childhood.

As kids, our imaginations were completely unencumbered. And as a result, there was no limit to what we could dream up. But as we grow older and fit into a society that operates almost exclusively on the physical plane, we tend to discount the value of our unlimited powers of imagination and visualization.

Though it may lie dormant, the power to bring your visualizations to lie is still at your command and control. The reality is this: if you can dream it. . . you can do it. That's the power of your imagination.

Visualizations are simply the images that you conjure up in your mind. When you do so with deliberate intent, you're living life on purpose, rather than by default. Close your eyes and imagine being in possession of something you truly desire. See it as real and turn it over to the unconscious part of you. Visualizations are the act of going within to imagine something you want as though it already existed.

It's a tool used by high achievers in virtually every area of life. Athletes visualize. So do business leaders in every industry. Anyone who has taken charge of their professional or business life and realized a dream has utilized this great creative power. Ask anyone at the top of their game if visualization is something they do on a regular basis. Then ask “average" people on the street if they do the same. Invariably, top achievers use this tool because it works. If more people used it, they too would get to experience greater success.

The secret to making your visualizations pay off is to find a peaceful, quiet place where you can engage in total concentration. A lack of concentration during most of the day (due to the multiple demands on our time) is what keeps most people away from their dreams. Find moments throughout the day where you can relive in your imagination something you want.

You can strengthen your visualizations with relaxing or inspiring music. Doing so helps “anchor" the music to the image so every time you hear that particular song in the future, it will take you straight to the image in your heart. Repeat your visualizations often and end each session with powerful, inspiring affirmations. These simple enhancements can add power to your exercises in imagery.

Try to make visualizing a habit - something that you do every day. The two best times for visualizations are first thing in the morning and just before falling asleep at night.

Set aside the same time slot every day and stick to it for the next 30 days. The more you do this, the easier it gets. Sticking to the same time period helps you make it part of your routine and any time spent visualizing what you want is the most productive time you can spend.

Now that you understand the basics, here's how to make visualizations work for you automatically. Just pop in the CD of your choice and follow along. You'll be gently led on a guided visualization, designed to take you from where you are now to wherever you want to go. Click here to visit today.


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