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Successful Achievement Coach Dax Moy Shares The Secrets To His Success

Kevin Gianni

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Kevin: So, Dax I want to welcome you aboard to the Fountain of Youth World Summit.

Dax: Hey Kevin, my personal friend, it is great to be here with

Kevin: I have had interviews with you before and this one is just going to be 100 times better, if that is even possible. Why don't you tell us and everyone on board right now where you started with your success programming, and we will move from there.

Dax: Oh wow! Where I started with my success programming? Well, that's a pretty interesting question because I guess just like most people; I started with my successes through getting fed up with idiots, to be quite honest. And you know, again, like most people I was a person who had big dreams, big visions of most of the things that I kind of wanted to achieve. And to be quite honest, by most people's standards even up to the point before I really got involved in the success industry I benefited; I kind of be involved in the forces, with the special forces quite closely, you know, did a lot of great things that would have stressed most people, but on legal forces; what I found was to be successful on that little pond, sort of speak, want to go out into the big, bad world; I didn't felt successful at all. I struggled to find work; I spent a bit of time on social security; I could barely pay the bills, you know, I had the government look after me and my family. And to be quite honest, I was sick of it. I've always been a pretty great ruler, you know, ever since I was a kid - It was just about that time that the success literature really started to appeal to me a lot more.

I guess, before that time, I don't know whether I should say that I was a cynic, but I was definitely skeptical about a lot of this stuff. I was really; I really and truly felt that most of the success literature that was out there was some kind of a guy in a suit trying to rip you off. Trying to tell you, it was a way that some guy in a flashy looking suit, with a gold cream hair and a big colorful tie telling you, buy this and after two weeks of reading it you are going to be a millionaire. You know, I was always skeptical to say it, to say the least, but I sat down and read over some of my old success literature, I think I have had around for ages and it must of just been that moment in time that, you know, I was ready for it. As they say; “when the student is ready, the teacher will come. " Well, the teacher had been there for ages. I had these books and read them but I really didn't buy into them. I said yeah that's a great read, but I must had been a ready student at that point because I absorbed some of what I read, and certainly not all of it; a lot of it I found really, really hard to believe.

Most of the success literature out there is pretty much telling you, have faith, believe, and this stuff is going to happen to you. At the time, I considered myself a very realistic person for whatever that means. And, reality was telling me, fine just sit around and think positive thoughts; nothing is going to change for me. So, I decided to pick the nut shells; the bits from “Think and Grow Rich;" the bits from “The Signs of Getting Rich, " and other books like these. And, just deal with them and see what happens, and interesting things did happen in time, nothing like rocket science but at the time I was thinking, wow! This is a miracle. Like the saying says; “persist and keep on persisting and you can't fail. " Well, that's really obvious when you think about it.

As long as you continue to take a step you are going to get there eventually and I knew this in one sense from my force's days, but I never really considered it in terms of success and other areas of life. And, it was like all the way through these books that I was reading bits and pieces that kind of stands out in some plain yoga, and yet, I wasn't doing them. So, I just started to apply them bit by bit and as I applied some of it and it worked; I trusted, maybe, the next chapter. Then I applied the next chapter and I would say, wow! That may fancy work as well too and I would try that and that
would work for me a bit more and I say; okay what happens when, you know, reading chapter 3 and 4 and 5? What happens when you get to the next book in the series and the 10th and the 20th?

So, I basically worked my way through active valor success literature. I've got by most people's standards a pretty impressive success literature library. I've got any author on success you can name; I've got some of their work. But, I guess what was a bit different for me, I guess as for many people, is; I actually, from that moment in my life, I actually started to take action on a lot of things that I was reading. I think today I mentor, as you mentioned, I mentor lots of personal trainers; I coach lots of clients and many are as well read, if not better than me. But, what it seems to do with it many are not taking action so, here is a big key for me; I learn something and then act upon it. And if you learn something and act upon it, you get to decide for yourself whether it works or not. You don't to sit back in your own chair and go, that will never work, and that will never work; that might do. Instead, you actually turn your life into a laboratory and you are going to do an experiment with it. That really was a big chunk of my part in becoming a more successful person. You know, I still don't consider myself an outrageous successful person; I'm much, much so then the boy that was growing up. His dreams, I surpassed pretty much all of those. I do thing, I go places, and experience things that I never really thought I would get around to doing. I was at a housing estate boy, parents that didn't really have any money to give us those things; my dreams were, if I had them, like anybody else, they were always kept at that point what I think as reality. You know, I probably not going to go to these places and do these things, but it would be nice if I can get to some of them. Well, you know, this weekend just gone passed Kevin, and I just come back from Artic Norway and I stayed at a nice hotel and I been skiing a bit; I've done tons and tons of things. I've seen the Northern lights with my own eyes, you know? In the last few years I've been to Thailand ten times, Cambodian, Vietnam, Australia; I brought Danielle back a parachute, a great carol reef for my daughter, you know? I've done things that this housing estate boy from Ellington, according to reality, should never have been able to do. I don't, you know me Kevin; we have discussed this. I don't say this from a big I am prospective, I don't think I am so great for been able to done all of those things. What I am saying is my version of reality back then never let me to believe that all these things would happen in my life. So, the big questions then becomes, what was so different then for me? The big difference is that I took action.

There is quite simply, if I could say the secret of my success to date and the secret of the success that I have been able to help other people to achieve through my programs, my mentoring, and also through other things, my books has been; I encourage people to take action.

Kevin: As simple as that?

Dax: No, no answer to a short question. Pretty simply, you know I can go around and tell you the ins and outs, but really, what it comes down to it. I take more action than most people. I don't take half the action that I would like to take in my life. I believe it or not, I still consider myself to be pretty lazy in a lot of areas. I am pretty slugger; you know what? You could have done a lot more and you should be doing it. I don't necessarily have regrets in that way, but you know, for everything I say; come on you can be doing more. I know you are that way as well.

Kevin: It is an interesting point you mentioned using yourself as a laboratory and taking action. And it is an interesting way to look at your health and fitness as well. If you hear something in terms of, you know; new program or a new supplement or something; I mean, as long as it is safe don't you think that is a great way to approach your health and fitness as well?

Dax: Seriously, I think too many people, too many people précising saying; that will never work, and that will never work, and oh my God have you heard about this new supplement that has come out. That's got to be BS because it sounds like the results are too great, you know? Or, what about these guys that are saying you can get fit in four minutes? Well, that's got to be a lot of BS, that will never work.

Kevin: He'll be on later. [Laughter]

Dax: Yeah, right. But, you know, go and try it. If you do find out to be BS yourself, then you can go; hey, that was BS and I know it for a fact. And now, that is another experiment conducted in your life that you can with some authority say, I want more of this or I want less of this in my life. But, most people don't take the experiments seriously. They are doing their own experiments. They are sitting back and trying to live, because ultimately this is what it comes down to it; you are trying to live your life through other people's results. You are saying, hey go out and try this and see if it works and tell me later on. And then, even when somebody comes back and tell you, you don't believe them, you know? They would say hey it was great and you still won't believe them. Hey you know what? One of my big philosophies in life is quite simply this; time is going to pass anyways, whether you do this or you don't do this, time is going to pass anyways. Why not pass it finding out whether it works or not? Why not pass the time finding out for yourself whether or not this is going to work?

**************** Kevin Gianni the host of "Renegade Health Show" - a fun and informative daily health show that is changing the perception of health across the world. His is an internationally known health advocate, author, and film consultant. He has helped thousands and thousands of people in over 21 countries though online health teleseminars about abundance, optimum health and longevity He is also the creator and co-author of "The Busy Person's Fitness Solution"


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