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How Changes Create Confidence

Bill Nadraszky

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One of the problems that you may having right now in getting started or moving forward in your fitness and health goals is the fact that you may have no confidence.

Confidence is something that is built only from the inside. We have all met people that are very confident and many people that have no confidence. Often I find that there is no reason for people in either group.

The best way to build confidence is to simply achieve simple goals and build upon them. When I say that you need to achieve a goal I don't mean that you need to win an Olympic medal or anything, all you need to do is set a tiny goal, achieve it and move on. The first time years ago that I road my bicycle to work was a juge leap of faith at the time, I had not ridden a bike in years. After I rode to work and home that first time I knew that I could do it again, I learned that dressing and packing differently would make it easier and I was confident that I now had a new skill.

This is all that you need to build confidence. There is no secret to building confidence although everyone thinks that there is. People spend years and lots of dollars trying to find the secret to great self confidence when all it really takes to be confident is to build little goals, achieve them and move on to slightly bigger goals.

Confidence in life is just an attitude. If you have ever heard the term “fake it till you make it" then you know that others will see you as you project back to them. If you are timid in your own life to others then you are probably speaking to your inner self the same way. If you project and talk to others in confidence, then you are probably using better self talk.

Self Talk

The next step to having great confidence to achieve your dreams is to have good self talk. Never say negative things if possible. You do not have to be one of those irritating people that sees everything as being great, all you need to do is avoid thinking of things negatively as much.

I talk a lot, in my head as well as to other people and often I will catch myself in a bit of a funk in the morning where nothing seems to be going smoothly. One crappy thing builds on another and finally I will catch myself noticing the bad stuff going on and I snp myself back to just seeing things in a better light. I start by focusing on the good things that have happened so far in the day and just try to build on those. This may sound corny and like some kind of new age voodoo but I have always found this to work.

So today, try to find the good in things, make sure you are building little goals and achieving them and make sure everything going on between your ears is helping you not hurting you in the long run.

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