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5 No Fail Strategies For a Successful Attitude

Annalaura Brown

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Having an attitude for success is crucial to your success in both business and in life and in fact, in any endeavor you pursue. So how do you get and maintain an attitude for success? Although it isn't easy and everyone struggles with it from time to time, there are certain strategies and principles when followed which will help to ensure a successful attitude for you for the majority of the time.

1. Set a goal to have a successful attitude. Write down this goal and read it out loud at least once a day. Make it in the present and positive tense. Say “I have a successful attitude. " Believe that you have an attitude for success and even if it is not true right now it will become true.

2. Read books about success, having a successful attitude and positive thinking. Then take some of what you learn from these books and put it into action. Set additional goals based on what you learn from reading about having a successful attitude.

3. Network with and become friends with others who have successful attitudes. Ask them what they have done to have an attitude for success. Impart of their wisdom and share your life with them. Associate with others who have the kind of attitude you want to have as frequently as you can.

4. Become aware of your thoughts and self-talk. Whenever you catch yourself saying or thinking something negative, develop a system for turning it around. For example, you could give yourself a quarter in a jar every time you say or think something positive and take one away when you say or think something negative and use the money in the jar at the end of 30 days to buy yourself some kind of a prize or reward.

5. Journal your thoughts every day. Write down any ideas, which come to mind about how to have a more successful attitude. Be sure to also write down your blessings, goals for becoming more successful and any challenges you need to overcome in order to improve your attitude.

AnnaLaura Brown is a successful home business owner who markets herself and her business on the internet. Learn more about her and all about how you can have a successful attitude at


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Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude - Why You Need An Abundance ..
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