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Power of Positive Thinking How to Stop Negative Thoughts

Leon Lioe

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We all have negative thoughts every now and then, this is a normal behavior as we might have gone through some unpleasant experiences in our lives. But of course too much negative thoughts are bad and can be self destructive. It not only can damage our self-esteem but can also develop into a negative pattern or habit. If not stopped or intervened, it will continue to develop into an undesirable behaviour.

For example: you were assigned to undertake an important project by your manager. After three hard months, you were able to complete your project successfully, on time and on budget with only one minor mistake. Your boss was pleased and satisfied with your works, everyone in the team was happy except you. You begin to magnify the small mistake and berate unnecessarily. The entire project was minimized by your negativity and people become bothered by your disrespectful behaviour.

What steps can you take to avoid such negative habit?

First, take a step back and revert your negative thought to a positive one. Look at the whole thing objectively and positively, not only did you complete the project satisfactorily, on time and on budget, but it will become the template for future projects. Forget about the mistake and make a note on how to prevent such mistake to occur again in the future in your project file. See how a positive thought can initiate a positive action and turn thing around?

One day you realize that your house is in a mess and you want to begin a house-cleaning project. Suddenly you look around and decide that it's just too much to handle, let's put it off for another day. This is a negative thought starting to creep in. Stop it! Take a deep breath and consider dividing up the tasks. List out the tasks that need to be done and get help from the people who live with you. Assign a specific task for each person. Once you begin this process, you will feel much better and jobs will be accomplished. Again, positive thoughts will generate positive results.

Many teenagers are likely to experience and develop negative thoughts. Perhaps they are unhappy with school or their life isn't going the way they thought it would; or troubled by peer pressure. “I don't want to live anymore, " one might say. While they may not mean what they say; it is still a sign which requires immediate intervention. As mentioned, action is always evolved from a thought. So do talk to your kids and try to stop the negative thoughts they have and encourage them to think positively instead.

As you can see, negative thought can quickly be turned around into positive reinforcement. It is up to each individual to ensure that any drop of negativity is purged from our thought process. When negative thought starts to creep in, take a deep breath and revert it into a positive one. Never allow unwelcome thoughts imprinted into your thought process.

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Creating Reality With Positive Or Negative Thoughts
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