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Quiet Time Ten Powerful Minutes Each Morning is the Key to Balance

Jay Forte

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We start each day with noise - running the shower, the hair dryer, grilling pancakes, making coffee and listening to the news. Noise. We head out to work and we are met with more noise - horns, ring tones, air conditioners, engines. Such times there is so much noise that we can't hear ourselves think.

What if, just for one morning, you started you day with quiet? Quietly get up and move to a favorite place in your space (favorite chair, sit on a porch, out on a bench, you know what this space is). Click on a reading light. Sit down quietly and open a book that you find inspirational. It may be about religion or faith, it may be about the life of an inspiring statesman, athlete, inventor, scientist, or novelist. It may be about something entirely new such as a new theory about how the world was created, or some scientific research on surviving cancer. It may be a photo album of the kids when they were younger. It may be a collection of letters you received when you and your partner were dating.

In this space, appreciate what you find: an introduction to new thinking or a trip with old memories. . . whatever and wherever the event takes you. Starting a morning with quiet invites an entirely different perspective to your day. It carves out some time that belongs to you and your thoughts. We know that most of us fly through our days, over-committed and just surviving. A moment of quiet in the start of the day helps to find the right energy, the right power and the right focus to make each day successful.

In this space, allow your thoughts to go wherever they go. Daydream, reminisce, plan, think. . . just be. When you are ready, start to move your thoughts to what you have read; think about it, talk to yourself about what it means and what it makes you think.

These moments are spiritual moments. They are not always religious but they always create time to reconnect to the spirit of who we are. They allow us time to think about our road in life, make sense of the mysteries that appear in a day and help us recharge to be ready for our busy lives.

For many, this time helps to order and organize the loose and random thoughts that occupy our minds. These thoughts need some attention; they need to be sorted and categorized to determine what to do next. Some we keep and act on them. Others we only allow to pass through and keep moving. But now we are thinking, connecting and planning; we are ordering things to be more responsive and to live in a more complete way. Control over this process starts with a quiet moment to get organized where we learn to listen and become focused.

Some of the wisest people I know start their morning with a reconnection to their beliefs, their purpose and with a statement of gratitude. A quiet moment lets this happen. A quiet moment encourages us to reconnect with ourselves, to be honest with ourselves and to direct each day. Starting each day with gratitude encourages a positive outlook and invites a more powerful energy presence. Counting blessings also helps to insure that we stay grounded, connected and see the great things that are always present, though sometimes hidden by disappointments and difficult situations.

With age comes wisdom; the older I become, the more I find the quiet of the morning to be one of my greatest gifts. Educators will tell us that none of us will change our behavior unless we see a personal benefit from the change. Getting up early requires going to bed earlier. But the benefit of quiet time makes the process worthwhile.

As I rise, I look forward to seeing where my thoughts will take me - guided only by a concentration on the good things in life, the things that make me happy, and the ability to have the time to think. This process helps me drive the outcomes of my day. This process helps me get more from each day and feel more connected to the world around me. This process shows me that my life belongs to me and its success is entirely in my hands.

Ten minutes of quiet time helps me access the wisdom of the ages - or at least the wisdom that can drive a more powerful life for me. Commit to your quiet time. Invest in yourself. It is your great life and it needs you to be in charge to make it happen. Appreciate your life. Live it well. Live it fully.

Jay Forte is a powerful performance speaker, consultant, author and founder of Humanetrics, LLC. He works with managers who want to be more successful in activating and inspiring exceptional employee performance, to significantly drive customer loyalty and improve company profitability. Jay, a CPA/financial executive turned educator, turned consultant, is renowned for producing significant results. He is a highly engaging speaker and is working on an upcoming book “Fire Up Your Employees and Smoke Your Competition; How to Invite, Incite and Ignite Performance" For information on keynotes, seminars and consulting, or to see the daily “BLOGucation, " visit: his new site or call: 401-338-3505.


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