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Workplace Psychology Get Over Bad Mood Woes Boldly by Changing Your Psychology


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Trying to evade people or actions, confronting others and not accepting your bad mood would only worsen the situation. Everyone and everything seem to annoy you the whole day, but you cannot escape from any of your responsibilities.

Waking up in a bad mood, break down of coffee machine, someone talking loudly on phone while you struggle to concentrate on your work or boss shouting at you for no mistake of yours- the reason for a bad day at work can be anything. From the moment you face on unpleasant experience, your whole day can be ruined if you do not act appropriately.

Tackle it: Firstly, accept that you are in bad mood and admit that you must first tackle it. Do not react to anything from that moment till you are sure your bad mood passed. Now relax and contemplate the reasons behind your state. Remember that you have skills and can make use of them to deal with people in an amicable way again. See what you can do to avoid further unpleasant experiences. Be extra careful in speaking to people and in delivering your duties. Try to set things right if you can. If the reason for your bad day is a mistake committed by you and you are being reprimanded for it, make sure you don't argue with the other person. Accept the responsibility. Tell him that you will examine what went wrong and what can be done. Apologize to him and assure him that you will be more careful the next time.

If you are being blamed for no fault of yours, give the other person sometime and take up the issue later. If you are having a bad day because of some personal reasons, take a few minutes for yourself and think about the issue. Derive a possible solution for it or allot sometime to deal with it. Once you decide to deal with it at a specific time, make sure that you don't think of it till that time.

Even after taking up the issue troubling you, you might not be able to completely revamp your mood. So let the people working closely with you know your state so that they do not add up to it. Everyone has bad days and might not be able to turn them around completely. But you can always reduce the effects.

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