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What's Gonna Happen To Me?


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Back in Catholic grade school days, the nuns were persuading us to live our lives in imitation of those, we were told, of the saints. At those times, I often had thoughts that said, If I become holy like them, what's gonna happen to me? I knew that the story of my life and the lives of my pals did not compare favorably to that level of sanctity. I guessed that I would try to do better when I got older.

Well, I got older. Of course, my ego continued to tell me that, in spite of my emotional pain, I was doing OK. My ego-driven mind told me that I always had my mind to get me out of the emotional soup. I mean, it asked, if you find some way to put an end to the unresolved emotional pain in your system, what's gonna happen to me? My ego continues to ask that question. The ego's sole purpose is to ensure its own immortality, a patent impossibility.

In 2004 I received gifts of books, CDs, DVDs and seminars that brought a new awakening to me. A spiritual door cracked open. When the door cracks open, it is impossible to close it. That particular door led to a new awareness of the duality of the life that I have been living. I knew that I was Pure Awareness, I just didn't think so. My ego asked me, If you heal yourself of my dominance, if you become comfortable in the peace, joy and serenity of Pure Awareness, what's gonna happen to me? Don't go there, pal.

Well, I went there with the loving assistance of many guides who showed me the path.

You are here reading these words. You may have come here through that Awareness door. Welcome.

For those of you who just got here, I have met hundreds of folks who like to talk to me about the resolution of emotional pain. Many admit to me that the reason they don't go through the door is that they think, If I heal myself of this experience of pain, what's gonna happen to me?

Well, my friend, the door has cracked open for you. Come in any time you want.

For more than 30 years, Marty Murphy has studied the effects and healing of unresolved emotional pain. In 2005, Marty founded The Freedom Step ( ). TFS guides us to an experience of the joy of Pure Awareness. Each of us is Spirit; each a healer, here to wake up and heal ourselves and each other. Marty wrote The Mind Whisperer: The Freedom Step Out of Slavery to take readers deeper into the philosophy and workings of The Freedom Step program. Marty and Monita, his wife of 45 years, live in La Mesa, CA. Visit The Freedom Step site to learn more about energy healing of emotional pain.


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