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Banish The Blahs And Be Happy

Charly Leetham

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In this day and age it is so easy to lose your self-esteem or become sad and upset. This can be a devastating thing and it is really important that we keep a sense of ourselves at all times.

When you start to feel a bit down, or feel that your self-esteem is dipping, there are things you can do to help maintain or build your mood and your self esteem. Here are 5 things that I do, and you can do too:

1. Turn Off The TV and The Radio

You need to be able to center yourself and focus on good things. The TV and radio can serve to be a distraction or provide more negative input for you to process.

2. Listen to Classical or New Age Music

I find that listening to gentle and uplifting Classical or New Age music fills me with a sense of well being and allows me to center myself. I also find that listening to the combination of seascape or forest sounds with classical music to be exceptionally good.

3. List The Things That Are Good In Life Then And There

List what is good in your life right at that point. Even if it is as simple as having Milk in the Fridge. By listing the positive things you are forcing your mind to focus on the good things.

4. Know your passions

You know what truly enjoy in life and doubt and lack of enthusiasm will only hinder you. However, it won't stop you becoming the person you ought to be. Express yourself and honor the people who has inspired you to become the very person you wanted to be.

5. Stroke Your Cat or Dog

I get so much pleasure, relaxation and esteem building just from being with my dog. He also seems to know when I need a “pick me up" and when he needs to be a little more quiet or needs to be upbeat. At the very least, just sitting quietly and stroking him gives a wonderful feeling of wellness.

Your self esteem is your responsibility to maintain. It is o. k to feel sad every now and again - and you should give yourself permission to be sad, but then you need to get over it.

Practice the five things that I have listed regularly and you will find that “being happy" becomes a habit for you.

About the Author

Charly Leetham embarked on a personal development journey in her late teens. In her mid 20's, Charly met her success life coach who provided her with several strategies and techniques to build and maintain self-esteem.

For more information on how to Be Happy In Life, visit Charlys blog at


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