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In Hard Times - Being Tough Enough - Is It Good Enough?


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Some suggestions, when starting out keep in mind that the attitude you present to others will dictate the image perceived. Start your day with a smile. That the image you want to portray, people around you change as you continue to get better. Shake it off, hold your head high, you no longer carry your grief like a badge of courage. Live this day as if it were your last, you will make the most of it.

Now assuming you are older than 18. what if you viewed your life as if you were 18. At the beginning. No history, no past to influence you or weigh you down. You could literally start from scratch do exactly what your heart desired. What would you do differently?

Earning a living means that you have a job, it pays the bills leave something extra, you have some rewards you desire from it. You toil in a chore you feel unappreciated at, A position with no upside. But when you are doing something that you are passionate about, everything changes, you get more out every thing that you do. Let you put things in perspective, Spiritually, Mentally Emotionally, Physically.

Starting over, not a bad thing. your point of view and how you handle the situation will greatly influence the way you work through it. This is the time when you will be tested to see if tough enough is good enough, you will be challenged to dig deep at times to overcome some obstacle.

As frustrating as it may seem there are many who find themselves at this cross road, you are not alone.

Feeling blue because of years of turbulent in your life, life has been unfair, you are thinking to yourself here I am at this stage of life having to start all over again. Just one of those times, you find out if you are tough enough?

This is your turning point, perhaps things go from awful to awesome or at least, not as bad as you had imagine. Wrapped up in multiple activities cloud your point of view. Having your mind set on the past and being content on the way things were. Holding on to a dream that's long gone. Cut your losses take some time to reflex. Celebrate your beginning of things to come. Out of adversity doors are open to wonderful opportunity.

People are taking or being force to make changes. Evaluate your situation, your past experiences, skills and assets. Use that to empower yourself to a level that you never thought you would reach. Rise to the challenge build your career to be bigger and better. If you find yourself needing assistant, don't be afraid to ask for help,

Understanding where you are at when going through changes, everyone experience similar emotions and reactions, your responses will follow a predictable pattern. You go through disbelief and denial, challenging emotional doubts. Gone are the days of felling inadequate, you're taken on a brand new challenge.

Move forward. Taking stock of who you are, your likes and dislikes, your skills, experiences and training needs, your values. Go on the internet, create your own blog, participate in discussions forum, carve out some space for yourself.

your beginning the journey. past is past, you look at this quest with new found excitement. You have the chance to turn back the clock, Build a new fire of desire with certainty that you can over come what ever hardship that you encounter.

You having been tried and tested. Being tough enough for hard times you no longer dread Problems you seek them, find solutions, work them out. Because you've learned solve the problems, they are your strength, your greatest rewards.

At this point, you've decided what you want to do? Right. Are you doing it?

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