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How Empowering Beliefs Shape Successful Entrepreneurs

Mohamad Latiff

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Every business owner wants their business to be a success and perhaps even build an empire from that success. If you really want your business to excel and to achieve every aspiration that you have, do not even think “Failure is not an option, " because as soon as you let that thought crossed your mind you have already opened the door to failure. Your belief must be that “the only option is Success" - the achievement of what you are after.

The way you think and the thoughts that you let into your mind will determine how your life manifests itself. Making sure that you have empowering beliefs will not only change the way you perceive the world around you, but it will also impact the success of your business. Know this: “Always think in the positive. "

Some people may argue that “failure is not an option, " is a positive affirmation, but is it right to say that not wanting to fail means wanting to succeed and hence it is a positive statement? No it isn't, it is negative and here's why. When you are carrying that belief, your mind is occupied with “not" landing yourself in “failure". This means that you are unlikely to rise beyond the level of “not failing", which is nowhere near the success you want. In more tangible terms, you are settling for anything from 50/100 to 60/100 instead of 90/100 to the perfect 100/100.

"Failure" and “not" carry negative connotations and most mental imageries associated with them are not exactly desirable. Now, the universe works by reading the states of what your thoughts are, so if what you are thinking of is the failure not happening, the universe reads “failure" and you would step right through the door to failure.

Think for one minute which statement makes you feel strong and empowered: “You will not fail!" or “You will succeed!" The second statement should've evoked a more positive feeling because what you are thinking about then is “success". “Success" is the vibration that you are sending out to the world and therefore “success" is what is brought to you by the universe.

Beside holding the correct beliefs for your business, being optimistic about your endeavors are just as important. Having empowering beliefs and being optimistic is a wonderful and highly powerful combination for an entrepreneur. Optimism, together with belief in yourself and your business, will allow the universe to bolster your business. One essential part of the law of attraction is the “Believe" process and being optimistic that your desire is coming is part of the “believing" process. This isn't just a theory; there are anecdotal evidences that support the fact that optimism is a significant contribution to how successful a person and a business can be. Just think about it, optimism is an ingredient to human evolution (you will have to read further down the article to find the information) and it keeps us going when the tide is against us.

Understand that optimism is not something that you can develop after reading a book or watching a show, it is a habit that we have to pick up. The successful people of the world have not only learned, but mastered it as well.

What does this mean to you, the entrepreneur? It means that your set of beliefs and level of optimism dictates where your business is heading towards. The universe meets the positive vibrations that you are sending out and return more positive things your way. If you don't seize them, you are wasting energy and you will not be successful.

If you are curious to know whether or not you are an entrepreneur that is using empowering thought to its fullest potential, you can answer the following questions:

Do you have a crystal-clear vision of what you want to achieve and how to do it?

Do you spend a reasonable amount of time you can afford on working towards those visions?

Do you recover fast from every failure and celebrate every success that you have?

Do you remain enthusiastic about your vision after somebody has given you the cold shoulder?

Do you have an air of confidence around you that let others know that you are worthy of success?

If you were able to answer yes to all five questions, you are an optimistic person who knows how to use empowering beliefs to take control of your future and get what you want. If there is a question or two that you have answered “no" to, stop for a moment and figure out what made you said “no. " The purpose of this exercise is for you to better understand how strong your beliefs are and what could be holding you back.

This process is not easy but it is worth it. Empowering beliefs and optimism are necessary attributes to having the universe work with you for the ultimate success of your business.

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