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Healing Emotional Trauma

Paul L Morris

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The pain and anxiety of life are caused by negative emotions that are the result of personal trauma that we suffer and bear. These emotional wounds are the cause of most of the bad feelings and behaviors that we experience in our lives. As is often the case, these traumatic wounds are suffered in childhood which means that we may not even remember that they occurred though the emotional residue remains. Whether we remember these experiences or not the intensity we felt as children remains as strong for us even as adults. Thus living with such powerful negative sensations can cause us great distress.

They may even carry such negative power that they wind up causing us to seek relief in substance abuse and other self-destructive behaviors. But even if we are basically functioning and going through the motions, life could be better if we were free of these damaging and painful feelings. Unfortunately, we often blame ourselves for our bad feelings and compound the situation by adding grief, shame and guilt to the picture, when most of what we feel is the product of circumstances beyond our control, in addition, up to now, we had no way of freeing ourselves from this negative emotional bind.

Negative emotions can, and often do, keep us from attaining and achieving the goals in life we believe can and should be ours. And even if we are less ambitious, just dealing with day to day matters can be painful and frustrating with theses annoying, irritating and frustrating sensations that can get in our way. Often theses negative feelings keep us from functioning and inhibit the joy and natural flow of our lives.

We are born relatively perfect but negative experiences in our lives, whether we remember them or not, leave a trail of negative feelings and emotions that color our lives and control the way we see ourselves and the world at large. By eliminating these negative feelings and emotions, we free ourselves and regain the potential for happiness and carefree living.


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