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Peace Baby!

Angie Weid

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Little surprise waiting at my doorstep this afternoon.

A box delivered from the USPS.

Hmmmm, who is this from. I have no idea.

Like a kid on Christmas morning, I start getting really excited and frantically search for the scissors to tear into the box.

It's a PRESENT. . . . . from SOUL!

Little “Meeow Baby!" statue, now prestigiously placed next to Hong Kong Phooey on my desk.

Soul, I am beside myself with your thoughtful gift, kind words and love for my grippy toes. You are an inspiration to me, too!

"Peace Baby!" is something my Aunt Dottie started with me and now it's said daily between my boys and I. The peace sign is a non-verbal way to communicate with each other when we can't talk. “I love you" and “Peace Baby" are always said between the us as they run off to play, leave for school, or when we chat on the phone.

Try it out. “Peace Baby" just makes people smile.

. . . . . and more smiles is what we all need in this world.

Sometimes a great impact in someone's life is the smallest gesture: a pleasant smile, kind word or a nod of empathy. Take the time to conciously impact the life of a stranger today. Imagine the impact this would have on their day. Perhaps then your stranger will carry your effort on in their life. It is this cascade effect that is amazingly powerful and the effort to create it - minimal.

Remember a tiny bit of effort is all that is needed to create an impact.

Throw out a “Peace Baby!"

Make the day shine. Spread the smiles.


Angie Weid, professional organizer and rocket scientist, is the owner of Organized Solutions. She helps people feel better about their space - home, office or life. To learn more about her, check out her website at or give her a call 734.890.1276.

She also has a blog ( ) Angie has before and after photos of projects, tales about her life and any other odds & ends that drift into her head.


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World Peace Story - How Peace Came To The World (A Parable)
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