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Our Greatest Need

Wayne Coleman

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First of all let me once again thank you for viewing this article. It is because of you that I enjoy writing these articles. The purpose of this article is to help you set some goals in making your life more productive and richer.

I believe it is safe to say that every human being desires life! We not only want to exist, but to enjoy life and to get the most of out of life. To get the most of your life you must understand what you want from life. I believe that there is a common tread that runs through all of us. I believe that understanding OUR GREATEST NEEDS will set our feet upon solid ground to achieve the most out of life. As a young boy I used to envy everyone who had the ability to speak and get peoples attention. I can recall going to church with my mom and setting next to her and listening to the preacher. It was not so much what the preacher was saying, but having that ability to stand up and look so confident. I would look around and everyone seem to be paying close attention to what was being said. Wow, I thought to my self, that must be something to be able to have the ability to do that. I can also recall that when my grand mom died, that my mother had confidence that she would see her some day. Little did I know at that time, what this word CONFIDENCE would mean to me, or for that matter mean to everyone else. Years later as I was doing research I discovered that even those people who looked like they had the ability to grab peoples attention had butterflies before they spoke. I discovered that peoples ability shined thought depending upon their confidence. This word Confidence is a very powerful word and holds an important position in our life. Our Greatest human Need is to have confidence. We want confidence to know that the career we chose will be the right one. We want confidence that when we leave our mate in the morning that we are loved and wanted. We want confidence that all the work we are doing will mean something. We want confidence that our children will take the right path in life. We want confidence when we go to the doctor that he or she can help our problem. We want confidence when we have a carpenter do some work. You see, with out confidence we could not function very effectively. So the next question is how do we achieve confidence. Confidence is much more then a hope. Confidence is much more then a wish, Like i wish that I would win the lottery. I do not have any confidence in winning. So want do we do to achieve confidence? There are two simple steps to achieving confidence and you will achieve Your Greatest Need.

1. Learn all you can about your subject. The more you know and understand what you are doing you will have confidence. IF you are, for example, trying to loose weight, and you know what to do and how to do it you will have confidence in achieving your goal. If you want to buy a dream home and understand what is required you can have confidence in knowing if that dream is possible. Therefore, in whatever you learn and acquire the skills and tools to obtain that success and you will discover success. That same principle applies in whatever you do, from an online business to anything else.

2. You may learn all that there is know to give you confidence, but then you must put into practice what you know. How many people talk the talk or dream the dream and never do anything about it. Some times we can be afraid of success. Hard as it may be to believe that we can be afraid of success but we can. Sometimes we do things that counter what is required for our success. Therefore, once you know, and then put into practice, your confidence will grow. When we have confidence we have more joy in our lives. These two very brief principles are but stepping blocks to your success. I hope that how simple these two principles are you will put them into practice and find your Greatest Need fulfilled.

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