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The Key To Manifestation and Feeling Positive Emotions - Even If You Imagine Them

Dianne M. Buxton

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Everything that is, started in someone's imagination. Without going into the creation of the world, but narrowing it down to things, and more recent history, everything that is, started in someone's imagination.

When we are planning something, our imagination is the key to manifesting it.

However, if we are engulfed in negative emotions because we HAVE to plan something that we fear or are nervous about (something unknown), or we have a phobia that we can't control, we need some intermediate steps to reaching some positive emotions.

A strong emotion IS THE KEY to manifesting, so you want to be able to feel your most positive emotions most strongly.

Do you have a few minutes a day to create your own time/space bubble? This is the prerequisite, a little time for you. It is a gift to yourself. A present.

If you are truly overwhelmed by worry, (or sheer panic) breathe deeply. Take a few easy deep breaths, this calms your nervous system a little and you can progress further.

"Fast Forward" - Esther Hicks says that a lot. Can you think of the positive outcomes you want and then imagine them in detail? Imagine being fulfilled, in whatever way, in this moment now, and feel how it feels. It's really the feeling that counts, and not the physical details.

How would it feel if the physical details were perfect?

How would it feel if you KNEW everything is exactly the way it is perfect for you?

Knowing is a very powerful feeling. You just know. No mental arguments start running your mind. You know.

If you cannot imagine a wonderful outcome to something, can you remember one? The feelings of relief, joy, excitement, or quiet contentment? It doesn't matter where the idea comes from, past, imagination, a story you read. What matters is that powerful emotions are the key to manifestation.

There are many easy-to-learn techniques and guides to out-running the bad feelings. Use them when you need them.

If you give yourself those few minutes in a day, reflect on your most powerful positive emotions. Take your precious time to feel those deeply. Your creative imagination will dive happily into everything associated with those positive emotions and you will be exercising your key to manifestation.

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