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Positive Thinking, Positive Attitude, Anywhere It Works

Linda Lin

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Inspirational sayings, positive affirmations, positive thinking phrases and sentences, they all have something in common. These things can change the way that you think about life. Every positive word that you hear or read has a positive affect on you, the same way that negative words have an effect on you.

So, remembering that will help you to stay positive, and to be of good cheer, no matter what happens in your life. Many sayings from Wayne Dyer's books are positive, and affirmative. From one small pocketbook, I read this very inspirational saying, Remember this maxim: When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. The way you perceive things is an extremely powerful tool that will allow you to attain everything you desire". He goes on to say, on another page, Always remember that every obstacle is a test and an opportunity. If you want to read more of the positive sayings, you need to pick up the book, EVERYDAY WISDOM FOR SUCCESS by Wayne W. Dyer, Ph. D. Besides this one little book, Wayne has written many different books, almost all of them are super positive and almost all of them feature ways to make your life more positive, and make yourself healthier. When you are in the library next time, pick up the book called, THE SKY'S THE LIMIT, or pick up any of Wayne's other books.

If you want to bring more joy into your life or just de-stress, consider reading Wayne's books and also recommend them to your friends, relatives and co-workers. His cassette tapes are most interesting because you can hear his voice , along with his sense of humor instead of just reading it all on paper pages.

If you are into positive thinking and life improvement, you can read other books by other authors. Try these authors, Og Mandino, Suze Ormann, Miguel Ruiz, and Louise Hay. Any or all of these authors write about life and everything in between life. What are your favorite positive authors? Can you remember the names of your favorite non-fiction books? Other books that put life in perspective are books like NIGHT by Elie Wiesel . As Elie speaks in this book, you can almost picture being there, right there in the concentration camp. Imagine what those humans had to go through for all of those years. And, we, the readers are so fortunate enough to have Elie as an eye-witness to what happened in the camps. And although this book is not a book about positive thinking, it is still a book that can help you put life in perspective. I remember one day thinking about diets and dieting and when I thought of the camps where these people were held, I remembered in the camps sometimes humans would have only one piece of bread for days at a time. And just knowing that and thinking about that, reminds me that I can refrain from eating long enough to be healthier. Of course the scenes and the writing in the book remind me of so many other things.

Even in the movie called Life Is Beautiful, there were scenes of the camps and scenes of the humans that died there. And though there was torture and death throughout the movie, the director made the movie about the love of a man for his son, rather than about the holocaust. Throughout the movie, this man shielded his son from the reality of the death camps. He protected him from that reality and did that every day. And then the day came when the people were going to be released. The father was successful. He had used positive thinking, and a positive attitude to shield the boy from those bitter harsh realities of the concentration camps.

You and your life is nothing compared to the existence that the director portrayed in this film about the death camps, so imagine how positive thinking can change your own life. You have so much more to work with, so many other assets and possibilities. So begin thinking positive and you will conquer any problem and surmount any obstacle that ever gets in your path.

The author of this article has had many works published in the USA. She has traveled extensively throughout the East Coast and through the South while observing people and writing about life and everything that is in it. You can reach the author by sending a private or public message through this website:


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